Oni Power Fails to Activate most of the time with activation add-ons

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  • Character - Oni
  • Time - Today
  • Perks - Tinkerer, Devour Hope, Thrill of the Hunt, Haunted Grounds
  • Add-ons - Ink Lion, Cracked Sakazuki
  • Map - Ironworks of Misery


Quite a strange one. With these add-ons, my power would not activate most of the time. I thought it was a keybind issue, and rebound it to a new key in the batch, but it would not activate. I kept spamming it, and it eventually activated every now and then. Tried ability key+mouse 2, and spamming it quickly, or slowly - there is no consistency... it would just allow me to activate it, sometimes. Everything else was normal, and the power was great when I could activate it.

Thanks for your time in this matter, have a good day.

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  • LordGlint
    LordGlint Member Posts: 7,920

    Had the same issue with completely different addons. Been running this pair for afew games and it randomly decides to make me play "man with sword" for the entirety of 1 game on Haddonfield.

    Couldnt collect anymore blood orbs or activate the ability.

  • MarksmanSpecal
    MarksmanSpecal Member Posts: 117
    • Character - Oni
    • Time - 11.07.2020
    • Perks - CI, M&A, Pop, BBQ
    • Add-ons - Polished Maedate, Bloody Sash
    • Map - Dead Dawg Saloon

    Wraith refilled while carrying a survivor, after hooking it wasnt possible to activate the ability.

    Workaround: problem disappared when picked up another survivor and hooked him