PC (Steam) - Stuck behind a hook inside Midwich Elementary School

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I was playing on the Midwich Elementary School map versus The Doctor. After a chase , I was hooked on one of the possible hooks on the first floor inside which you can get on the Second floor and vice versa (Sorry , If that's imprecise It was my first time on this map). The animation seemed bugged and I was placed behind the Hook. I was able to get saved and healed but I was still stuck and The Doctor was unable to hit me. I then DC'ed after struggling a bit to get out of the hook.

Additional Information :

  • Character played : David Tapp
  • Killed played : The Doctor
  • Perks played : Detective's Hunch 2 ; Sprint Burst 1 ; Adrenaline 2 ; Prove Thyself 2
  • Map : Midwich Elementary School
  • Frequency of the issue : Once

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