Oni Power not working

Gzilla Member Posts: 29

It seems that when playing oni and your power gauge fills up passively, you can either a) not use power until a survivor is hit or b) will not be able to use power for rest of game. Pretty good job so far if you ask me. btw how tf do you bug oni when he wasn't even in the patch notes? probably same doofus who coded the cakes as a personal offering and got the % wrong. never fails with dbd. buggiest game i have ever played in my life.

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  • bluelightningzzz
    bluelightningzzz Member Posts: 1

    Yeah man, i often got this moment. I hate playing killer right now.

  • Eleghost
    Eleghost Member Posts: 963

    Just got this bug making my power unable to be used kind frustrating.

  • Gzilla
    Gzilla Member Posts: 29

    i'm really trying not to be mean about it but I'm really upset because i just spent many months saving 21600 iridescent to get a skin for oni and now i can't play him.. feels bad man. i really hope it gets hotfixed. the next patch isn't coming in another 2 weeks.