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I loaded into a public match as the Shape and when I kicked a generator with Pop goes the weasel active I was clipped inside it and trapped there for the rest of the match. I could turn on the spot, look around, stalk and even hit survivors if they got close enough, but not move. I tried lunging at nearby survivors to see if that would yank me free but it didn't. The survivors were even able to complete the generator with me wedged inside it, which was a low point for me on an emotional level as a killer.

This happened on Lery's Memorial Institute, with the generator in the middle treatment theatre area. Here's a couple of pictures, although the angle isn't amazing.

My perks were:

Rank 2 Pop goes the Weasel

Rank 3 Monitor and Abuse

Rank 3 Bamboozle

Rank 3 Barbecue & Chili

I was also using the Hair Brush and Dead Rabbit addons.

Log file attached here:

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