Survivor hitbox issues while in unhooking animation

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So in the June 16th DLC release update, the ability to hit a hooked survivor was removed. Since then I have seen an issue numerous times, two of which have video footage which will be added, where the killer is denied what should be an undoubtedly clear hit, instead hitting the hook itself or air.

To reproduce this; when a survivor is in the unhooking animation, there is an issue where the killer can swing and should clearly land a hit on them, but doesn't. In the two video clips shown, one results in the killer hitting the hook, another with them hitting air, suggesting there is a problem with the unhooker's hitboxes being gone/misaligned/blocked by something else such as the hooked survivor.

This issue (I think) does not happen 100% of the time, but happens with a decent consistency that I've personally experienced it approx 4 times since the update, seeing it in streams and such numerous more, it is definitely an important issue that can decide the outcome of entire games.

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