Glitched next to locker after unhooking and invisible.

I don't think this particular bug has been reported but i haven't found any.

I was playing on PC and one of the other survivors was hooked in the basement. But when i was his/her red body outline it was at around ground level when i went to where the outline was (next to a locker) the survivor wasn't there. So i went into the basement and went to the hook he was on. I could unhook him but he was invisible. As soon as I started to unhook him, I teleported right back up to the spot I saw the red outline, half in the locker stuck. The other survivor died on hook, and I was the only one left with the killer, in walking animation yet unable to move. The killer came right next to me but didn't see me. The killer confirmed after that I was invisible. The only i could get out was to leave the match.