Hacks turning Oni left while using Demon Strike during a Demon Dash.

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  1. Its known that Oni has a hard time turning.
  2. Oni was in Demon Fury with Demon Dash going, making him incredibly harder to turn.
  3. Oni was preforming his Demon Strike, which can not turn when preforming.
  4. Oni was facing forward at the two survivors when I swung.
  5. When I frame by frame through the video, I am facing forward the entire time until the frame when Oni hits the ground where he turns 90 degrees left to hit nothing.

If a killer turned 180 degrees he would still have a chance in many scenarios to hit a target, but a hacker would turn you 90 degrees left to avoid you hitting anything you were in a parallel line with.

To sum it all up, Oni cant turn sharp at all while Demon Dashing and Demon Striking. A hack had to have turned me instantly in 1 frame to the left by 90 degrees.

Recently as the past few days, I've seen this turning of the killer left by a perfect 90 degrees in many matches while I was a survivor, where the killer missed someone else due to them TURNING LEFT for NO REASON.

An interesting note is that normally survivors should have chosen to go around the pillars in the exit, but these two chose not to cause they knew it was safer to move straight out. The survivor pretending to take a protection hit would have to have known that I was about to put them in the dying state with 1 hit.

Note that the survivor's position in the green shirt (on the left in the exit gate). My killer turned exactly 90 degrees from her position to my killer.

Time stamp: 2020 07 15 22 34 24 [July 15th, 2020 @ 10:34pm]

Here is the 28 second video clip depicting the actions as they unfolded.

Please find this hack and block it from the system, devs. <3

Update! :: I have replaced the video with one which now hides the names. (I'm sure devs can still see the original video in their logs [,which remains unlisted].)

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