PC - Grunts of pain when healthy/heavy panting from running not resetting.

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I apologize for the lengthy description, but there were all sorts of sound issues I encountered in this match.

I got injured by Freddy. My character suddenly was producing grunts of pains despite my Iron Will tier 3 and no Stridor in the killer's loadout.

After getting healed, I was joined by a Claudette on a gen. I noticed she was producing grunts of pain. I emoted and she left the gen and I tried to heal her, when I realized that she was actually in the healthy state (confirmed via hud, character stance, and no pools of blood and no Lucky Break). Still, her character kept crying. I'm unsure if she had been hit and healed up before coming to my location. We got interrupted on the gen and she got hit and simply put into the injured state, confirming what I had observed above.

Later on, I was injured again, but this time my character was silent. I was healed by a Nea and, as soon as the heal was completed, my character started making grunts of pain. I'm unsure at what point he stopped.

Lastly, at one point I was healthy and I ran toward a exit gate. While I was waiting nearby, not running anymore but simply walking or standing still, I noticed after several seconds my character was still heavily huffing and panting as it happens when they run. Despite some more waiting, a bit more than a quarter of EGC time, my character was still breathing heavily, at which point I left the trial.

Additional note: the survivor characters were Nea, Jake, Claudette and Feng. I have 1500h and I know their specific sounds. So, I can't have mistaken one for the other, or being mislead by someone nearby and there were no duplicates.


Step 1 : Play a match as Jake on Blood Lodge against Freddy, with the outfit and loadout outlined below.

Step 2 : Get injured by the killer. There's a chance your character will still produce grunts of pain despite Iron Will 3 and no Stridor.

Step 3 : get healed. There's a chance your character will still produce grunts of pain once the heal is completed, or that he will start making grunts of pain once the heal is done if he was silent while injured.

Step 4 (optional) : Start running and notice the increased breathing frequency and loudness. Stop running (let go of shift key). There's a chance that no matter how long you walk or stand still for, your character will still keep breathing heavy as if still running.

Additional information

  • Character played: Jake Park with Lunar Fusion outfit.
  • Perks played: Iron Will tier 3, Borrowed Time 2, Unbreakable 1, Spine Chill 1.
  • Item: Camping Aid Kit with Butterfly Tape and Rubber Gloves.
  • Offering: Escape Cake.
  • Killer: Freddy with exactly adept perks (Blood Warden, Remember Me, Fire Up. 4th slot was empty). No Stridor whatsoever.
  • Map: Blood Lodge.
  • Frequency of the issue: unknown. I've only played one survivor match since 4.1.0 patch and that's when the issue happened.
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