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Every game since the 4.1.0 patch when the game ends and I load into the post game scoreboard a popup message saying "SYNC ERROR" happens with the error code: 111, and my playerid as well as the timestamp.

I do not get any bloodpoints from that match.

I still progress with xp

• Steps to reproduce (if possible)

I play the game normally and this happens.

  1. Open Dead By Daylight
  2. Click on either killer or survivor
  3. Find a lobby
  4. Load into the game
  5. Play a normal match
  6. After the match ends regardless of result get a popup message saying sync error

• How often does this occur

Every match, which is why I don't want to play if I'm not going to get the bloodpoints from that match.

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  • g_r_l
    g_r_l Member Posts: 1
    edited July 2020

    I'm having the very same issue here at Steam. After the last update, almost all matches ends up with an error :/

  • MaxsonK
    MaxsonK Member Posts: 7

    I have played several rounds as killer and i didnt get it but the one game I played as a survivor I got this error. When I switched back to killer I started getting this error again.

  • th3
    th3 Member Posts: 1,755

    Still having this issue with the sync error after the tentative fix.

    Would love to have Bloodpoints compensation its just irritating that it happens after the match.

  • nytkim
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  • OhBarbieKill
    OhBarbieKill Member Posts: 9

    They know about it. They are trying to fix it. We're fvcked for now. Everything is great.

  • th3
    th3 Member Posts: 1,755

    I get told by support to restart my computer if the issue persists and it still happens. The sync error is not, not not not not not not fixed.

  • nytkim
    nytkim Member Posts: 102

    Yea i'm still getting it as well.

  • Eros_LucianoTTV
    Eros_LucianoTTV Member Posts: 43

    Same here

  • Dyeosta
    Dyeosta Member Posts: 1

    Same issue, only i'm getting either 111 or rank update error. I still play with my friends but out of at least 20 games today on 2 games had no errors. We have made it a game to guess what error we will get. No points? or no rank? COIN FLIP! Honestly torn on what too do.

  • sayabuuy
    sayabuuy Member Posts: 3

    Same experiences here. I'm just hoping that even if the problem persists, we would still get the Bloodpoints in the future if it gets fixed. So we can still play at the moment

  • MrMrJonathan
    MrMrJonathan Member Posts: 1

    Same here as well. I have the same error again and again. I tried verifying games file and some other ways but they're all not working. The bug is still there. So sad here.

  • Rickdreadful
    Rickdreadful Member Posts: 6

    Honestly, i love the game, but im at the point where i want a refund.

  • sapecanacio
    sapecanacio Member Posts: 2

    I have the same issue, since the last patch in almost all matches. (game in portuguese)

  • AgustinUnaplay8
    AgustinUnaplay8 Member Posts: 1

    I have the same Issue, please fix it 😭😭😭

  • th3
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    i found this thread about playing on a vpn and not getting a sync error so I tried protonvpn which lets you try a premium trial while on the free plan so you don’t have to put any payment information down, and I haven’t gotten the sync error since. I can’t find the thread but thank goodness there’s at least something until it gets fixed

  • jpf030301
    jpf030301 Member Posts: 1

    I am from brazil and i been having the same error. In about ten games, maybe in one the error doesn´t show up. I am very sad because i am a new player and i don´t have any good perk, i can´t advance in the dbd because of this bug. I hope they fix it soon.

  • Mirraj
    Mirraj Member Posts: 1

    I am getting this same error for the past week. Really making me not play =(

  • Ho5x
    Ho5x Member Posts: 5

    Having sync error 111 for days, impossible to progress, customer service not responding.

    Completely infuriating considering they have done a patch update today and there’s no mention of this issue and it is STILL happening!

  • Just started playing the game a few days ago, have been getting this error for at least half of the games I played. So fed up of this and want my money back. Great game, shame that the degenerates behind the game dont give a damn.

  • Dimidu
    Dimidu Member Posts: 18

    I'm getting this erro EVERY SINGLE MATCH, its not enough the Rank Update error i get like 2 years in a roll and you guys dont fix this, you gave me another error? And this error is most worst because i dont even get my bloodpoints! So in the past few days i'm just spending my time for nothing, i play the game and win nothing.

    This is not fair for me and everyone who spend a lot money in this game.

  • nytkim
    nytkim Member Posts: 102
    edited August 2020

    I solved it here my enabling DMZ through router for my ip. This makes your network vulnerable but you can disable it after you stop playing dbd. However, I never used DMZ before and this is the only game that has ever made me do this in more than 20 years. Forcing users to make their network vulnerable with DMZ or using vpn to be able to play is definetely not a good game design.

  • deerlorrd
    deerlorrd Member Posts: 2

    The Error 111 problem i still not resolved. I literally don't get anything for playing - neither BP, nor iridiscent shards/levels, not even rank ups. Moreover there are even more new bugs. I've played a game with iri key and an addon that would prevent said key from disappearing. I escaped through the hatch with the key, got kicked out of the lobby with an error message and my key disappeared. This is extremely frustrating. I'm paying irl money for the game, buying skins, dlcs etc., while now I literally cannot play the game.

    I've stormed support with 7 messages in my ticket and not a single reply yet.

    One of the thousands screenshots I have now.

  • nusantao
    nusantao Member Posts: 5

    I thought the devs will fix it in the recent update, but sad to say they only fixed the minor ones 🙄

    Devs always prrioritize the minor bugs more than bugs like these. :(

  • It's sad to start getting tired of the game I enjoy

  • xTudor
    xTudor Member Posts: 30

    only errors.. please fix them before adding new content <3

  • topredza
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  • grumpy
    grumpy Member Posts: 5

    I have the same problem, I just wanted to report it. I tried validating the files, I restarted the game, Steam and my PC multiple times. I have not yet tried restarting my router but I'm pretty sure it won't fix the problem.

  • CHA0S5
    CHA0S5 Member Posts: 1

    Having the same error. It usually happens when I rank up. If I have a bad match and don't get enough points to rank up I don't have this error.

  • 90bubbel
    90bubbel Member Posts: 80

    same here, absolute horseshit

  • Zenn
    Zenn Member Posts: 49
    edited August 2020

    Same error. Constantly. Devs don't give a rat's ass. Move to a different game.

  • Landini
    Landini Member Posts: 3

    Esta ridículo o jogo com esse erro, e não recebemos NENHUM SUPORTE de BEHAVIOR.

    Eu não sei mais o que fazer, realmente estou desistindo desse jogo.

    Parece que esta largado e o suporte da empresa é horrível

    It is ridiculous to play with this error, and we did not receive any support from BEHAVIOR.

    I don't know what else to do, I'm really giving up on this game.

    It looks like it's dropped and the company's support is horrible

  • Xorthic
    Xorthic Member Posts: 8

    Maybe I got a possible solution til the devs fix this bug. I tried this and I played over three hours without the sync error. It worked fine for me and hopefully also for you, BUT HERE'S NO GUARANTEE GIVEN:

    I don't know why, but it could be related to the easy anti cheat launcher.

    First start DBD til to its main screen

    Then go to Steam, choose Dead By Daylight and do a rightclick and click on "Properties...". Go now to "Local Files" and click on the "Browse Local Files..." button to open your DBD folder on your harddrive.

    Now open the folder "EasyAntiCheat". You'll see a file with following name "EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe". Run this setup as administator.

    This windows should be now open:

    Make sure that "Dead By Daylight" is selected here and click on the button "Repair Service". Now the setup do something: Uninstall and reinstall the EAC-Service.

    After this, the Service Setup should show this:

    Now you can close the setup and go back to DBD and press any button to start the game.

    A little tip from me: If this works for you, do this everytime again before you start to play DBD til the devs fixed this. It could be, that the error shows up again if you play the game without this repair.

    I hope this will help any of you. See you in the fog! 😀

  • Mindlessgirl22
    Mindlessgirl22 Member Posts: 2

    It’s the same thing on the Nintendo Switch. Sync error over and over and over. NO BP no rank, nothing.

  • KIKI_
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  • Head_Dard
    Head_Dard Member Posts: 20

    Had the "rank update error" , "player level update error" , "unknown error" for a good while now and now obviously more recently "sync error" has made an appearance. Went away and the game has been amazing and stable for I would say 2 weeks now (spoiler alert, it felt absolutely amazing the be rewarded with the bloodpoints I EARNED DURING THE TRIAL). All of a sudden, literally out of nowhere, BOOM! they're all back and fair to say, I am absolutely fvcking done. GG.

  • Zalrok
    Zalrok Member Posts: 2
  • manwel
    manwel Member Posts: 3

    i have same problem iam realy hate this bug i can't even get exp to take shards not only can't rank ub

    please fix it -_-

  • wtfgame
    wtfgame Member Posts: 5

    It on the xbox version too. I was leveling up clown and it kept saying that.