Leatherface was nerfed hard?!


I used to be good with Leatherface / Bubba. But now I can't rev up his chainsaw without forcing him into a fit. I barely have any time to chase a survivor with the chainsaw, and its not faster movement speed at base levels. Bubba barely moved a few feet! You redesigned him to require movement speed add ons just to use his chainsaw at all. His throwing a fit is now ridiculous cause it happens if you dont let go of the chainsaw, which means his chainsaw is not only incredibly short lived, but he didnt even run into anything to cause the fit!

From how I see it, Billy had relatively no bad changes cause you fixed the nerf on him after you nerfed both Billy and Bubba, but you forgot to fix the nerf on Bubba after fixing the nerf on Billy?!

Furthermore, your video depicting Bubba's new incredibly fast movement speed and distance covered with the chainsaw could only be from ALL the best movement add ons, which is not a fair comparison to how actual Bubba game play goes! You need to buff his base speed, and increase the movement add ons from his base speed!

My final note is that I used to really enjoy playing Bubba, but now he is just crap.


  • stargazer9
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    He’s not crap and the changes are good.

  • APoipleTurtle
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    I liked to play Bubba a lot before his rework, but I like playing him a whole lot more now. He's got all the same utility that he already had (insta-down + pallet-breaker), but he has also gained some light mobility and actual anti-loop thanks to his improved speed during Chainsaw Sweep. Plus he can't accidentally "Chainsaw Cancel" by only revving to 99% (when the meter appeared full).

    I really cannot see any way that LF's rework can be considered a nerf beyond him losing some of his old add-ons (mainly the charge-speed-improving ones inherited from Billy). Once you get the new timing down for revving his saw and effectively using charges to prolong his Chainsaw Sweep, Bubba is pretty good in chase. If you're regularly revving the chainsaw until you enter a Tantrum, then you are holding it for way too long. After playing a dozen or so Trials with new Bubba, I did not overheat into a Tantrum at all (and I was only ever using common add-ons).

    New Leatherface > Old Leatherface

  • blue4zion
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    If you're getting Tantrum from holding the chainsaw then you definitely aren't playing him right. That mechanic literally should only come into play if the Bubba is face camping while holding the chainsaw. At no point do you want to hold it that long during a chase.

  • Acromio
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    He was never good, though.

  • Ebisek
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    His power is still OP in way of no counterplay (no skill required to play Canibal)

    There are no counterplay on 5m distance. He is able to cut into trees, scrap, tires, barrels. So you have no chance at the moment when he start chainsaw. And chainsaw hits through the window... maaaan...

  • Reaver_Raziel
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    If you suck with him now, you must have sucked ######### BIG TIME he is hella strong now. Being able to use his chainsaw for a longer time, a longer distance and moving faster while doing it. While at the same time giving you the option of not using all charges as well not forcing you to use the full animation after each chain saw. That and you no longer have to guess whether his chain saw is ready to go, it activates when full. The only way he might have been "nerfed" is if you were using some add-ons that got changed, but even there I dont think it matters at all. Or if you liked revving in survivors faces, in which case rip dude.

    Its just a blatant objective statement and a fact that he got buffed.