Can't access previous tomes story collections.


Wanted to go check my progress on one of the stories from the last tome. When I clicked compendium and clicked on my collection I realized that it only shows the newest collection.

You can see in the above picture that it says compendium tome III but is stiil showing the collection of tome IV. It does this for every single one so I can't access any of the compendium stories

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  • Telekenunes
    Telekenunes Member Posts: 2

    Can confirm this is happening for me as well on PC. Regardless of the tome I try to access, it always shows me Tome IV (The current tome)

  • Volke
    Volke Member Posts: 5

    PC as well - can confirm this is happening.

    Always shows me Tome IV as well :/

  • Whats_The_Boogeyman

    Ps4 player I also confirm this is happening still! How did this not get fixed in the update?