Escaped the Trial as a Killer (Stuck on the other side)

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I played a toxic Mori game with Freedy using his perk Blood Warden, let them open the gate and hook one and start the hunt, killed 2 and the third one was about to escape when I killed just when Blood Warden run off and the survivor was on the limit, I probably started to load M1 when he was about to cross the threshold to escape, I got the kill animation without the survivor, the survivor was killed but when the animation ended I was stuck in the other side unable to enter again to finish my job.


  • Plataform: PC (Steam)
  • Character played: The Nightmare (Freedy)
  • Perks played: All The Nightmare perks + Thrilling Thremors
  • Addon played: Jump Rope / Red Paint Brush
  • Offering: Ebony Memento Mori
  • Map: Autohaven Wreckers
  • Frequency of the issue: Just happen once (It's very situacional to be a frequent issue)


(Note: When I tried to enter I didnt get the animation that block the exit, only an invisible wall)

The last survivor was able to escape and finish the game.

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    You can jump off the border and the game will return you to the inside, most likely to the middle of the map. Dont know why but thats a thing.