Map offering burned and lost when not used

DariusB92 Member Posts: 121

I play on a ps4.

I have complained of this same issue countless times before and still it persists. Everytime i use an offering and it doesn't get used, it gets burned anyways and i lose it. If it's conflicting and the other is chosen there's no reason why I should have to lose mine too. It happens with all offerings no matter when im playing or what map. Its really irritating because it cost points to get it and it also makes one think they can use it to go to that map seeing as every match i play(i play for hours) consistently is Macmillan ,auto haven or coldwind. This occurs alot and does so everytime two of us happen to use an offering. When I go back to menu its gone. Has happened with Hawkins lab, red forest, the game, midwhich school, swamp, Ormond.

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