Missing Shards on New Spirit Cosmetic

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I did a post about this when the "Damned Bloodlines" Outfit came out for Spirit which had the same issue but was not dealt with. This is really something that has to be put onto Spirit with every cosmetic as its part of her game design to have these shards as they provide feedback to the survivor on whether the spirit is phasing giving the survivor the ability to predict her.

During the early days of Spirit's release the full body clothing cosmetics that came out with her all had shards attached regardless. Now recently this not a priority in the design any more. Strangely though the shards are attached to the recently new "Yakomoka Curse" Outfit so I'm not sure what is happening here. Seems like sometimes you care to add them and sometimes not.

It's a shame because I really like these skins and Damned Bloodlines is my favourite. I want survivors to play against me on how Spirit was originally intended and not have these advantages over the survivors.

These cosmetics are a clear advantage to the Spirit which can influence the outcome of the game.

"Greek Legends" Outfit (w/o Shards):

"Damned Bloodlines" Outfit (w/o Shards):

"Cursed Kimino" Outfit (w/Shards):

"Yakomoka Curse" Outfit (w/Shards)

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