Stuck on hill in Groaning Storehouse

DonZwiebel Member Posts: 136

Platform: PC

Version: 4.1.2

I got stuck on an invisible tile on the groaning storehouse map (I guess by justr walking into it). Unable to move somewherejust turning and waiting till the crows came. After being healed my mate got also stuck beside me. Needed the killer to get us out there by downing us.

Video evidence:

Happened once so far and I did noit try to reproduce.

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  • DonZwiebel
    DonZwiebel Member Posts: 136
    edited August 2020

    This hapens on other maps with that hill too

    Just had the same issue on Crotus Prenn Asylum (The Clown map)

    This is game breaking and needs to be fixed ASAP

  • xXTrajikXx
    xXTrajikXx Member Posts: 20
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    Platform: Xbox One

    Two games in a row this has happened to me. Im still stuck in game right now. Its making it bothersome to continue playing if this keeps happening.

  • Fuyuhana
    Fuyuhana Member Posts: 3

    It's happening a lot, and people are losing PP's because of it. It happened with me when I was playing as survivor and as a killer.

    Look, those two are stuck in the rocks.

  • Teslashocka
    Teslashocka Member Posts: 2

    I had this same problem but on a Macmillan Estates map. I was stuck until the killer picked me up. If it makes a difference the killer was spirit but I don't think that really matters