Error code 112!Can't get any bloodpoints

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Duplicate · Last Updated please refer to this thread.


  • TomSasaki
    TomSasaki Member Posts: 4

    My game has been bugged since last month and it is still happening even the game is updated

  • Ttran
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    Error Code 111 was supposedly fixed with the most recent patch but now there is a new error code 112 which does the same thing and kick you back out to the main loading page and again blood points and stats being lost.

  • St1ngBG
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    Platform: Steam (PC )

    Description:Sync Error 112 Even after the 4.1.2 hotfix, still receiving this error.. Atleast now I don't have any lagspikes. But the error(btw not it's called 112, not 111) and the lose of progress still persist.. Hope it will be fixed asap , and the rift extended..

    Steps to reproduce (if possible): End of the match

    How often does this occur: At the end of every match

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