Error 112-/No bloodpoints

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I'm so sick of this bug having it for weeks (Error 111 same thing different name). Lost more than 1.5million bloodpoints. I sent ticket and asked for a solution but nobody answered. Is vpn a solution (please somebody answer I dont want to quit playing but only reason I play is that I have bought the rift and want my money to be worth it)

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  • Leggie
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    Playing with a VPN does get rid of the error, but its critical that you stay in the same region you're currently in when using a VPN.

    It's also officially not recommended to use one by one of the mods on the Technical Help forum, for several reasons, but it does technically fix it.

  • Zenn
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    Not to be too harsh but that mod is an idiot. They expect us to continue losing millions of blood points? I lost probably 1.5 million as well and gave them weeks to find a solution. The only thing that fixed it was paying $100+ for a Nord VPN subscription so I could actually progress in the game. ######### that mod and the devs for their blatant ignorance on this continuing issue.

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    I don't want to pay money to vpn and I think there is no other way to make progress... I don't know what to do. I love this game but I also hate it. It is so much fun to play but things get more frustrating every patch.

  • HexFart
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    How is that bug even possible omg I have played many games but this bug is so unique. I just saw that I have played over 50+ hours last two weeks and thats how I usually play this game EVEN WHIT THIS BUG. I lost 100 hours of progress and they are not giving us anything as an apology NOTHING.They have no idea how they are destroying their own fanbase.They are doing a pretty good job so far...

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    Yeah I wouldn't spend the money if I were you. $100 isn't really a big deal to me so it's w/e but it's a problem for other people.

  • DyushaKeuby
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    Снова. Как только я начал игру и был доволен приложением для исправления ошибки 112, я буквально наткнулся на него после 2 матчей.

    Это печалит меня, потому что я люблю эту игру. Но, похоже, все подталкивает меня к покупке VPN. Похоже, что российским игрокам придется страдать от этой ошибки и дальше.

  • DyushaKeuby
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  • Ogzhn55
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    Guys i have a good news.. new error here :) error 401 error SYNC 111 and 112 so what more? i never gain bloodpoints since 1 month who gonna give me my bloodpoints?? if u have so much problems every month in every uptade please give me my all money back then we'll be good dbd team.Error simulator not lobby simulator anymore

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    when are they gonna fix this error?Or this is how they fixx an error?if there is error 111 they will just change it in 112 WOW

  • stubbornDwarf
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    Hey devs please, fix this. And please, compensate players for the blood points that they lost. I think that I lost more than 1 mi BP easily. What makes me even more frustrated is that I lost BP in the matches that I have escaped.

  • hhshsxhd
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    Give me my 1 milion bp lost in the games!!!!!

  • Ogzhn55
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    Since last month every day i am playing this game min. 2 hours i lost more than 3Million bloodpoints i gain 0 bloodpoints since last month can you please fix this SYNC 111/112 as fast as you can please dbd team? and can you please give me my BPS ? You can check my profile in game and u can calculate how much i lost cuz i know more than 3M bloodpoints..

  • FellowSatanist
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    I'm having this problem for weeks like most of you I lost 1-1,5m BP's and like this one is not the worst after EVERY game yes EVERY game I get atleast 2 unknown errors and still they didn't put this error "we aware of.." part in last patch notes.

    Sometimes I feel like Behaviour Interactive is the laziest company and don't get me wrong I have 1400 hours in this game but I realy feel bad that this game is still at this point where I get too many errors game after game.

    I hope Dev's wake-up for their blatant ignorance on this continuing issue and I hope I get to play this game where I dont get any errors,atleast one day,game after game.

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  • UrsoBipolar
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    will they fix the error 112? because this is taking so long and i continue to lost my bp i lost more than 3mi now im very sad with this

  • angrypapaya
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    Y’all stay patient! As you can see at the top of the forum, they are doing their best and even have a fix being tested. Please, be considerate. It’s a lot of work! ❤️

  • satanovsyn
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    SAme here..... I escaped and get this. 3times per 1 week. I deranked because of this, but I was MVP.... 100% rankup and tehre was 2x BPS and I get nothing...

  • EliskaMM
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    I do not think VPN works coz I keep getting the error as well and I am using VPN (I am from CR and I am connected to CR servers for VPN), but I understand it is pain in the butt to fix it :).