PS4 - Plague Vomit Not Infecting On First Hit

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Step 1 : Boot the game

Step 2 : Play as The Plague in a public match

Step 3 : In-game, vomit on fully healthy survivor while in chase

Step 4: Survivor performs hit/sickness animation, has green “fume” animation coming from them as they run, but no infection symbol on their player icon in the bottom left corner until vomited on again.


  • Character played: The Plague
  • Perks: Do not seem to affect bug
  • Map: Has happened on multiple maps
  • Frequency: Has happened multiple times in multiple trials
  • Notes: I chased a survivor around for a little while after vomiting on them when I first noticed the bug. Their infection never showed up on their player icon and they didn’t become broken throughout the chase, but they did let off the green “fume” animations the entire time. When I vomited on them again, their icon showed them as infected and eventually broken. However, I’ve only seen it from the killer’s POV.

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