Stuck Near Hill in AutoHaven Wreckers PS4

I was playing as Meg on PS4 and got stuck while walking near one of the hills in AutoHaven Wreckers. This happened twice in a row on the same map and with the same character. I couldn't do anything besides rotate.


  1. Boot Game
  2. Enter public match as survivor
  3. In-game, cleansed totem on hill near exit gate
  4. Walked down slope and off hill, making a left turn
  5. Got stuck on hill corner after turning left


  1. Character: Meg
  2. Perks: Adrenaline, Sprint Burst, Kindred, Premonition
  3. Map: AutoHaven Wreckers (not sure of the map variation)
  4. Frequency: Twice -- 2 games in a row.

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  • Sheepy
    Sheepy Member Posts: 1

    The same thing happened to me but with Nea Karlsson and on PC.

  • jhvti
    jhvti Member Posts: 1

    I was playing on PS4 with my friend I was Dwight and he was Claudette and I got stuck on one hill and when he went to find me he got stuck on the other hill. We could do nothing but spin.

  • SamuraiDragon27
    SamuraiDragon27 Member Posts: 105

    Actually, I think this works on every hill. I've had it happen to me on macmillan too

  • MegnaGaming
    MegnaGaming Member Posts: 1

    Can confirm this is happening on multiple different hills with different characters in different stances. I've gotten stuck as Meg while walking and as Dwight (pictured here) crawling around. I'm on PC and this happened in several different matches now.

  • VonCrow
    VonCrow Member Posts: 389

    I can confirm this happens with the rocks on the hill. I can provide video:

    After a few minutes I was able to sprint out of it. But I wasn't able to get out walking, sprinting or crouching. Hope the video helps the devs.

  • pepper8686
    pepper8686 Member Posts: 1

    and i met another survs who stuk like that

  • DavidY8910
    DavidY8910 Member Posts: 1

    This happened to me on PC after i healed myself.

  • knell
    knell Member Posts: 595

    Couldn't get out of hill at wretched shop, autohaven wreckers as a survivor on ps4. The killer saw that i was stuck, intentionally chose to not hit/down/hook me until everyone else was sacrificed. Basically the game was suddenly 3 vs 1 since i couldn't do anything.

  • Kyxlect
    Kyxlect Member Posts: 230
    edited August 2020


    Character: Jake Park

    Perks: Spine Chill, Calm Spirit, Slippery Meat, Self-Care

    Map: Suffocation Pit

    Got stuck in a hill so I spun around. Killer realized it, killed my team then came by and spun with me. Picked me up. Now he's stuck. We spin together now...forever.