Archives Are Not Autosaving

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So, this is a mixture of a recent issue and a brand new one:


You load up the archives to read the new lore you unlocked, it then starts playing the audio narration (I always stop it to read it myself) I turn off 'autoplay' and it shows the autosave icon. But the next time I come back into the archives it plays the narratiom again. That's been in the game since the archives were released.

The 2nd bug is the newer one out of the two. It doesn't register that the new lore unlocked is the only new one. Everytime I open it up to read the next part it says every other previously unlocked lore is new. It is so annoying to see, especially if you have one of those minds that has to clear all the notifications otherwise it'll do your nut in.

These both happen all the time. Open up the archives and see if it happens to you, I guess.

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