Executioner Not awarded points for Beast of Prey!

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I have added up the blood points here, and did not gain any points from Beast of Prey.

23,797 x 2.54 = 60,444.38

Beast of Prey is supposed to grant 30% of my 8000 hunting points, for a bonus of 2400 blood points, but it granted nothing.

I got 2 stacks on BBQ, for 50% bonus.

And a Ghastly Gateau for 104% bonus.

Please fix this! The only reason I was using Beast of Prey was for the blood point boost! (And I've been using it all night, meaning I have lost out on all the blood point bonuses all night!)

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  • Xpljesus
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    Beast of Prey boosts the bloodpoints for score events, helping you reach the 8000 cap quicker. It does not give any additional post trial BP. This is not a bug.

  • Kamikazi
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    I could see how the words could be perceived either way, but I really thought I had witnessed Beast of Prey to grant extra points in my beginning of playing this game towards the end of last year, as Huntress.

    Thanks for that information! I'll remove this perk and try the terror radius perk "Distressing" to gain extra blood points to pass the 8000 for deviousness... although it also states it only works while in the trial. So now I think I had been using that perk under incorrect presumptions. heh...

    Are there any perks which grant a bonus to blood points, like how BBQ grants extra blood points (not towards actions)?

    Edit: It looks like I finally see a difference in the wordings for the perks.

    "The Bonus Bloodpoints are only awarded post-Trial."


    "for actions in the * Category."