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Achievement "Cripple Them All" has wrong description or mechanic.

Bulbasaur2008 Member Posts: 85
edited September 2020 in Bug Reporting


Achievement descriptions says:

In public matches, with the Trapper, catch a total of 100 survivors in your Bear Traps.

It implies that they only need to step on the trap to progress it, but in reality they have to step on the trap AND you have to pick them up while they are struggling in the trap for it to progress.

I just had a game on autoheaven where survivors stepped on my traps 5 times, but only once i was quick enough to pick it up - after the game achievement progress only 1 (instead of 5). Maybe i do not understand the description, if so please excuse me for creating this thread.

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  • CalamityJane
    CalamityJane Member Posts: 487

    Yep, it's always been that, only traps you pull survivors out of count.

  • Bulbasaur2008
    Bulbasaur2008 Member Posts: 85

    Is description not misleading then? It is a bit ambiguous as it can be interpret as "they just have to step on them" and "when they step on it, you have to pick them up; when they free you won't get any progress".

    I'm not saying we should change whole achievement because i understand it poorly, but could we get a bit more thorough description in some future patches? I'm halfway done with it, but maybe some other achievement hunters will be grateful for one clear meaning.

    I think thread can be closed (not sure how moderation works here).

  • Saitamfed
    Saitamfed Member Posts: 1,621

    In spanish is more or less the same, I mean with the description misleading a bit.