Error 111 and 112 still there

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Basically after every two games or so (sometimes happens 4 in a row) Im still getting error 111/112 and it supposedly was patched out on 21 August and since then nothing really changed for me. My only source of BP is from the rift quests, daylies and sometimes regular games. Im playing on PC steam version and can only provide logs since i don't record games and stopped doing screenshots of this because its so frequent. Hope this somehow helps solving this problem for me and others that suffer from this errror.

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    Me too. If I buy something on the bloodweb while I'm searching for a match, it usually gives me an error 111/112. I also get them after most games and sometimes it doesn't save my Rift progress, which is super frustrating. I would have bought a Rift Pass this time around but now I think I won't because I don't have the time to replay games to get Rift challenges done that I already did and lost.

    On PC (Steam)