Hillbilly Sometimes Is Blocked From Hitting Chainsaws On A Survivor

Onyx_Blue Member Posts: 1,060

I play on PS4 and have seen this happen quite a bit.

A survivor performing an interaction is sometimes immue to damage from the chainsaw. It happened twice in the previous match alone.

The Nancy was repairing the gen and I curved from the side, instead of downing her the game nudged me to the side, almost like Demogorgon when he Shreds into a chest. It then happened when Meg was unhooking. I turned a little to avoid hitting the hooked Nea and it nudged me even further to the right when I should have connectsd with Meg and I bumped into the obstacle behind her instead of hitting either of them.

You can easily reproduce this by attempting to chainsaw a survivor who is in the middle of an interaction.

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