Stuck on the hill bug

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Platform : PC

Description : So me and my friends always got stuck on this side of the hill. It gets worst to the point that he cant die even when the countdown time runs out

Step of reproduce : -

How often : almost in every match

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  • Brainless_Robot

    I'm pretty sure they're looking into this, for now we just have to fear the rocks, for they will suck us in and steal us from the world.

  • Moolish
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    edited September 2020

    Same happend to me, two times in two differents maps. It may be a problem with the "rock component" (beacuse doesnt happend on just one map).

    Step to reproduce:

    1. With survivor, walk to the right side of the rock (you need to be in front of the part where your survivor can "climb" the rock).
    2. In some point, probably on the corner, the survivor will be stuck. You just need to pass by the place.
    3. To get off, you need the killer to hit you 2 times and take you out of the place.

    Other way to reproduce:

    1. With survivor, climb the rock.
    2. On the left corner (you are already on the top of the rock, and looking to the place you can "climb" the rock) and "jump" (or just walk to fall).
    3. Your survivor will be stuck.