Strange Lvl result after match


Map: Blood Lodge (Autohaven Wreckers)

Bug: Strange Level results?


So I was playing a match with a PC killer, a PC survivor and two console cross-play survivors. We got all but the last gen done before the killer (Wraith) hooked the last survivor outside of myself so the hatch opened and I was able to escape and survive. I gained a pip, lost my tool box and add-on's since I used them up and gained the green medical kit I picked up in a chest in the process. I also got 597xp earned for the match which pushed me from Lvl 40 to 41, but I gained no blood shards from the lvl up, and also I had this really weird Level circle show. It confused the hell out of me so I'm reporting it.

I've never had this happen before but that is pretty much what the issue is. Sucks that I didn't get the blood shards but I'll live. Just really...really confused.

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