Getting Stuck in the "Hill" Tiles

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It has happened to me 5 times now (1 of which in a chase), that, after crouching close to the edge of the hill (the one with the hook on it, but might not matter), that i got stuck there until the killer downed me and picked me up.

Today another survivor and i even got stuck together and that was the point i just had to report on this.

All you have to do is crouch as close to the edge of a hill tile (near the path towards the top) and eventually after you try to stand up again, you'll be stuck.

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  • swirlingdarkness

    This has happened to me multiple times as well and it’s extremely frustrating

  • deadby1sthook
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    Two of my friends have complained that this happened and today I got stuck at the end of my game. Couldn't save my teammates so they died and the nurse couldn't find me even with three crows over my head so I had to wait for her to shut the hatch and then let the timer run out. Huge waste of time and points for everyone.

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