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Cannot cleanse totem

bala1236 Member Posts: 13
edited September 2020 in Bug Reporting

Springwood realm. Not sure what version tho.

Its directly below the electric lines.

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  • Kill_Yr_Idol83
    Kill_Yr_Idol83 Member Posts: 213
    edited September 2020

    Just encountered that myself at the same spot you mentioned in Springwood. There's an invisible wall preventing you from entering the bushes where the totem is. There's another totem spawn (same map) in the bushes near the house that has the little shack of lockers, that also has an invisible wall blocking you from being able to cleanse the totem.

  • Killer_Star
    Killer_Star Member Posts: 23

    I had this happen to me also. Also here is a screenshot of the tree being too close to the fence to not allow survivors or killer pass.

    The totem, the killer had, was noed and that was the last totem to cleanse. I checked it out before I escaped. If you look close enough you can see the totem surround by the bush, I am facing the entrance of where I should had been able to cleanse it.

  • GoshJosh
    GoshJosh Member Posts: 4,992

    Not this crap again... sigh.

  • fcc2014
    fcc2014 Member Posts: 4,388

    Am i wrong or is this the third time on this realm we have had this same issue?