If you were affected by the Grade Reset Bloodpoints not being awarded properly, you will receive any missing Bloodpoints shortly. You may need to restart your game for the rewards to appear. Thank you for your patience!

Infinite bloodpoints by claiming Dailies in KYF


I have checked but if this has already been reported I apologise.

This on the steam platform of the game, I havent tested any other platform.

  1. Complete a daily challenge but DO NOT CLAIM IT
  2. Join a KYF lobby with a friend hosting
  3. Finish the game and then claim the dailies (your bloodpoints increase but the dailies are still redeemable)
  4. You can repeat this indefinitely it appears.

I have only confirmed this works while another person is hosting, however I think it does still work when you host it yourself.

I had 114k ish bloodpoints when i started and now have 320k bloodpoints after realising the bug and testing it so if you need to get in touch to remove those bloodpoints feel free to get in touch.

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