PS4 Hook Bug


At the very least as the Blight, I am sometimes unable to hook survivors. The prompt will appear, and both tapping and holding the hook button will cause me to jolt to the middle of the hook, but nothing happens, and the prompt simply reappears. Im not sure what steps could be done to repeat this, but it didn't always happen, about half of the time.

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  • Jholla31
    Jholla31 Member Posts: 253

    I've had this happen during two separate trials now. Once on Badham Preschool IV and once on Fractured Cowshed. Happened on probably six or seven of my hook attempts between the two games. It seems to occur when coming at the hook from an angle and spamming the "hook" hotkey.

  • bm33
    bm33 Member Posts: 8,087

    I've had killers have issues trying to hook me on multiple maps. They had to drop me and pick me back up to hook me.