[PS4] Dragon’s Grip (survivor doesn’t scream or reveal location)

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Playing as Blight on PS4 and using only his perks. Multiple games where I kicked a gen and saw Dragon’s Grip activate. Then walked away for a moment and came back to someone working on the generator. There was no scream or indication that anyone had touched the the generator after I kicked it.

I chased the healthy survivor and hit them with my basic attack. They fell down immediately as if they were exposed.

My conclusion is that Dragon’s Grip does expose the survivor who works on the generator after I kick it, but it does not make them scream. I remember seeing this same thing happen in the PTB when I was watching a streamer play as a survivor. They didn’t scream but were exposed by the perk.

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  • xlRadioactive
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    I just tried making a post myself about this issue. While trying to do the Blight's adept I haven't gotten a single scream notification from Dragon's Grip.

    Also I saw this same bug happening in Otz stream from earlier where he didn't get a notification

  • woongles
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    This is happening on PC too.

    I only managed for it to happen a single time, which was my first game as Blight around 20 mins after the DLC came out.

    Pretty much the only way to get around this bug for now is to pay attention to the perk's timer and if it randomly restarts, it means someone touched the generator.

  • PatchNoir
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    this bug was on PTB they just didnt fixed

  • Ferixstar
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    Oh yeah! That’s clever. I was going to run surveillance but if the timer resets like that, I can save myself a perk slot.