Cant hook, break pallets or vault (PS4)

Todgeweiht Member Posts: 3,666

What the title says, when attempting to perform any of these actions, the game wont respond.

Simply try to hook, break pallets or vault windows, from A LOT of angles it wont let you

It happens every game, at least with blight.

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  • bm33
    bm33 Member Posts: 8,087

    I noticed killers not breaking pallets on ps4, I was wondering what was wrong. Also had killer unable to hook me, had to drop me and pick me back up.

  • ccactus623
    ccactus623 Member Posts: 214

    Had it with other killers can't hook with out spamming the button , I've stopped playing killer taking 5 seconds to get it to hook is silly

  • TheCrusade
    TheCrusade Member Posts: 6

    Im Having a simular Problem on switch i can still hook though if i drop survivor pick them back up and then hook but thats stupid and should just work the first time around

  • X_Scott
    X_Scott Member Posts: 137

    Same on Nintendo Switch

  • theblacklotus
    theblacklotus Member Posts: 1

    ive had it happen multiple times on computer one match after i decided just to leave dude told me search it on youtube, never found anything about it on youtube but hopping its just a bug