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Dragon's Grip no screaming notification


I've noticed today on PS4 while trying the Blight's adept challenge that I had no survivors scream in my games while using Dragon's Grip. When I kicked a gen and went away the only reason I noticed a survivor interacted with the gen is because the timer on the perk itself 'reset' when the gen was tapped but I didn't receive any scream bubble at all.

I can confirm the exposed status effect was applied, but without knowing when the perk activates it's difficult to say and luck based if the person you're chasing is exposed or not

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  • Dipsit
    Dipsit Member Posts: 10

    Same thing has happened to me. I watched a claudette touch the gen I kicked, she didnt scream but got 1 shot downed. She also screamed when I downed her and hooked her, so definitely not calm spirit (I checked after the match too). I'm experiencing this on Xbox. Is this on PC too or just consoles?