No Terror Radius on any Killer

The terror radius has been completely removed from the game . Every single killer no longer has a terror radius. You have basically given every killer the undetectable status. This makes no sense because there are add-ons which effect Terror radius which no longer exist. As a Survivor the heartbeat can no longer be heard at any distance even when standing right next to the Killer. This applies to all killers and all survivors. Myself and every other player I have encountered today are all having the same issue so it's Universal. There is no mention of this in the patch notes. I'm very disappointed that it's been an entire day and it still has not been addressed and it's such a major issue

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  • RocketPenguin
    RocketPenguin Member Posts: 374

    Yup im getting this too. At first it was a doc and i just thought he had the calm addons but the oni i played against had no terror radius at any point in the game

  • Smoxie7
    Smoxie7 Member Posts: 18

    I agree. There is a VERY RECOGNIZABLE difference in heartbeat that makes it tough to judge how the far the killer is away from you based on sound. There were no mentions of this change in patch notes and it has made a huge negative impact to the survivor side of the game.

  • Csmash
    Csmash Member Posts: 1

    This has destroyed the game. The graphical changes already make it much more difficult to hide but now NO HEARTBEAT?? the game isn’t intense anymore and really hard to play.

  • Ifra
    Ifra Member Posts: 15

    As previously stated, it's not completely gone but damn, it's quiet. Hopefully this will get a rush order for a patch...

  • Thatgurl_again
    Thatgurl_again Member Posts: 287

    Do you understand how many jump scares this bug gave me. Smh

  • Outlaw64
    Outlaw64 Member Posts: 17

    It's not just the terror radius. I have to turn the volume up so loud that it sucks because when the character screams, it's overly loud.

    Also, the footstep sounds are annoying now. Hate to say but they sound like a basic footstep sound you find in a unity project in your senior college class project :/

  • gklgcrew
    gklgcrew Member Posts: 2

    Yes I too can’t hear the terror radius of any killer. It’s really annoying because it’s so hard to loop jungle gyms and shack etc because you can’t hear which direction they are going or how close they are if they’re behind a wall. This bug needs an urgent fix because it’s no fun to play survivor at the moment.

  • gklgcrew
    gklgcrew Member Posts: 2

    You can only hear the killer music, the heartbeat is pretty much silent

  • Robschiffer645
    Robschiffer645 Member Posts: 22

    Who knows an admin that can pass this along?

  • noctis129
    noctis129 Member Posts: 967

    Really?! I gotta go play killer now and kill as many survivors as I can.

  • deathguy102
    deathguy102 Member Posts: 1

    Doesn't this make like 3 killers completely useless now

  • Robschiffer645
    Robschiffer645 Member Posts: 22

    I don't think so. I think only the heartbeat is missing. I played a Doctor earlier that had no trouble with Static Blast. Plus the chase music is still a thing.

  • KingMyers
    KingMyers Member Posts: 57

    I have sound issues period, loaded another game my sound was fine, playing dead by daylight I have to max my volume just to barely hear gens killers survivors anything. This is absolutely nutty

  • VelmasGhost
    VelmasGhost Member Posts: 1

    I’m thinking that the bug has everything to do with the killer music. The music is extremely loud and the only way I’ve been able to hear a terror radius is the second they are on my ass. Hopefully they can hot fix this and adjust the volume of the killer’s music and give us back the normal terror radius.

  • angells027
    angells027 Member Posts: 2

    Yes, the terror radius is gone on every killer i have encountered so far. You have no chance unless they have no idea what they are doing.

  • Zariva83
    Zariva83 Member Posts: 45

    Same here. PS4, since upgrade.

  • killandsurvy
    killandsurvy Member Posts: 2

    Steam: Same issue. So annoyng. 

    I try validating files. touch some windows sound options but nothing worked. It started from last update.

    Now im tryng do unistall game, clean the steam download cache then reinstall. If i fix i write here.😥

  • PrettyFaceKate
    PrettyFaceKate Member Posts: 1,776

    I can confirm. I played only one survivor game but it was a Doc and he had no heartbeat whatsoever throughout the match, only his unique music. No TR perks and only static blast add-ons.

  • I have really bad anxiety and it's 10x worse with no terror radius adds to it. I got the game to get scared but once I was used to it they remove the terror radius I hope it gets fixed as well with THE DAMN ROCK!

  • CookieBaws
    CookieBaws Member Posts: 614

    Yep, forced to run spine chill to get any info before my ass toast.

  • Hex_Llama
    Hex_Llama Member Posts: 1,746

    Same. I'm on Steam/PC and can't hear a heartbeat on anyone -- just an orchestra swell when we go into chase, by which point they're almost right on top of me. In one game, I thought I heard a very faint sound that MIGHT have been a heartbeat or might have been my headphones brushing my ear -- it was so quiet I literally couldn't be sure. In that case, the killer was maybe 10m away, but didn't have LOS. I thought they were a Nea at first, because I couldn't hear a terror radius.

    I spectated a few times after I was killed, and, without the distraction of trying to play, I was able to hear a very, very quiet heartbeat sometimes, but it's almost impossible to detect.

  • Disgrace26
    Disgrace26 Member Posts: 2

    Same issue. On Steam version I have no heartbeat sounds. The other sounds all seem a bit lower as well except for the scream when your hooked. I have now played 4 matches all of which had the issue.

  • Sertão
    Sertão Member Posts: 1

    Brazil, I am devastated. It's annoying.