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No terror radius

Devate Member Posts: 1

Played three games as survivor last night (09/08/2020) on PC. Different killer each game, Blight, Huntress, Michael, none of them had an audible terror radius. The third game against Huntress occasionally had a VERY faint heartbeat, but it was impossible to hear unless there were no other sounds in the area.

None of the killers were running perks or add ons that would affect their terror radius. Midvale Elementary and Blood Lodge were two of the maps played, I don't recall the third.

Please get this fixed soon. Game is essentially unplayable as survivor currently.

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  • trixsterjl
    trixsterjl Member Posts: 13

    Xbox 1. Same. Many many games, many different killers. I have noticed that an arrow pops up after i complete a gen pointing in the direction of completed gen as i move away. I dont remember that before.