Hooking is Bugged on Xbox


If I try to hook a survivor it will start the action but cancel as soon as I walk up to the hook. This happens so often that I have to spam RB and sometimes they escape my grasp because of it. I dont know enough about the glitch to know how to recreate it. I was playing doc but it also happened on Myers.

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  • walmartbrand
    walmartbrand Member Posts: 10

    leaves me to believe this is console-wide because it's happening with switch too. haven't heard anything about ps4 yet but considering the circumstances i'd assume they're having the same problem.

  • Stokafied
    Stokafied Member Posts: 1

    I’ve had it happen both as survivor and killer. In my last match, at least three people wiggled away because the first hook I went to was bugged. Different hooks each time. Played as The Doctor on Dead Dawg Saloon, XBOX One X.