PS4 - 4.2.0 - Killer not stunned by pallet


Step 1 : Boot the game

Step 2 : Play as Jake or Dwight in a public match (may also work with other)

Step 3 : In-game, stun a killer with a pallet

Step 4 : Notice the killer stands BEHIND the pallet (in ur face like 2m teleport) but is not stunned

Step 5 : Run.


  • Character played Jake or Dwight
  • Perks played idk
  • Map Backwater / Mcmillian / lerys
  • Frequency of the issue - random on multiple maps with multiple killer characters

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  • Mystaria13
    Mystaria13 Member Posts: 495

    I have noticed this so many times since update. I’ve seen it on live streams from pc too sooo it’s not just ps4. I was playing on a few different maps (game, Macmillan, Badham, yamaoka, Hawkins) but I’ve tried many times since blight released and i can’t stun a killer that has a survivor on their shoulder to free the survivor with a pallet. Killers that i have tried to pallet stun to save the survivor. (Trapper, blight, nurse, wraith, billy, doc, Myers, pig, hag, Freddy, LF, clown, spirit, legion, demo) also the killers were NOT in pickup animation and swung each time and i was injured as a result. The killers were just pushed out of the way and the pallet wasted. I’ve tried to stun in chase to to no avail, in fact last night the killer had spirit fury. Do you know how scary it is to be in chase and injured, to try to stun a killer and the killer gets 0 stun but the pallet is instantly broken? I was down like it was a fake pallet and Freddy, not clown. Head on has no effect whatsoever on nurse even before the blight update so don’t waste your time but I’ve noticed killers are NOT getting stunned like they should!! Was tunneled by pig on Badham and she pulled me out of a locker and i hit ds but i was back down almost as soon as I was off. Killers not getting stunned like they should is a HUGE PROBLEM!!