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Console movement bugged heavily

azame Member Posts: 2,870
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When trying to spin in or 360 the movement starts teleporting and glitching. Looping isnt affected heavily but the smooth movement has been messed up. If needed I'll provide video proof.

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  • bluedusef
    bluedusef Member Posts: 288

    im getting it on pc. i will be playing the game fine then at random moments my character will either get STUCK, or i wont be able to turn left or right. i have noticed this issue ever since the aura update like 1-2 months back. sometimes its rare but sometimes it happens all the time...... my last game i had to turn the game off because in the middle of a chase my character bugged out again and couldnt turn.

    its not my keyboard or mouse because this is the only game it happens on.

  • SnakeSound222
    SnakeSound222 Member Posts: 4,467
    edited September 2020

    I saw a Laurie suddenly start walking and crouching when I was chasing her last night. She didn't have an Exhaustion perk and it seemed random. Is that it? If not can you post a video of this bug? I'm on PS4 BTW.

  • azame
    azame Member Posts: 2,870