Big Problem, need Community/Dev help. Round crashes nearly every game in loading screen for friends

T0m Member Posts: 2

Me and my friends cant play dbd since last weekend. It has never crashed for me, but when my friends play with me, the game crashes for all of them when they spawn next to me (except me). This happens every time directly after the loading screen. So the round gets canceled for all because they "left" in the loading screen. They have all checked the game for bugs and have the latest graphics drivers. Have looked everywhere for similar errors, but found none. Hopefully someone can help me.

We are all playing the Steam version.

I am attaching the log files of a friend.

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  • Lory0210
    Lory0210 Member Posts: 1

    Same here, some times it crashes when loading even before the main menu. it has never crushed before for me and i dont think its not a problem relegate to my hardware, i have no problem while playing other games.

  • Vegantichrist
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    This happened to me and a friend on Xbox One X yesterday, and it shut down the console.