Cant hook people


Sometimes it wont let me hook people and I have to sit there spamming the hook button for it to work. Doesn't happen everytime but happens frequently. On xbox

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  • cosmicvolts
    cosmicvolts Member Posts: 312

    same for me im on xbox one as well and the maps that this has happened to me on is gas heaven and springwood

  • DarkJester1313
    DarkJester1313 Member Posts: 4

    It's happening to me all the time, I'm on ps4. It's pissing off, I lost a game due to it. And they were playing like babies!!! I had a bunch of cocky babies, that played like trash, get away, because I couldn't hook them!!

  • zaquintar
    zaquintar Member Posts: 54

    Me too on PS4 with Hag. Seems to be match based since I played with Gunslinger and Oni and neither of them failed at any moment. With Hag it happened on every hook during the entire match