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Doctor Crashes dbd game/xbox 1 S


I'm on the xbox 1S and eveytime I play survivor and get a doctor killer his static blast and shock cause my game to freeze and my xbox to crash? I've taken my xbox in to have it checked out to make sure the problems not on my side and they dident find anything wrong or out of the ordinary I would of recorded it and sent it to you but my xbox screen freezes and then I get black screened and can't do anything except hold power button down to turn xbox off id appreciate it 8f you guys took the time to check this out id hate for my xbox to get any permanent damage. Also on that note since then I've been disconnecting from any surviver games that I join if the killer is doctor and im worried that I'm going to get account ban or suspended because I've had multiple survivor and the doctor killer send messages saying they're reporting me for leaveing but if i don't my xbox freezes and crashes and I can't afford a new one at this time. Do I have anything to worry about my account name is (IR3KTheTrend)

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