Cannot Hook Survivors

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Playstation 4

Issue with playing as ‘the killer’ and hooking survivors. I’ve played several games as the killer & have had it happen multiple times within a match/ multiple matches where I stand in front of the hook and it won’t let me hook a survivor.

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  • Csr19usmc
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    I’ve been having the same issue, I play on the switch. I wish I could tell if they were PC or another console player. If it only happened with PC players then there might be cheating. It sucks because I’ll have to slug the player and just funnel until the end of the match. Then hope they don’t get picked up my team mates.

  • Csr19usmc
    Csr19usmc Member Posts: 3

    If you get an answer to resolve this issue please let me know.

  • Sebasfort
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    It happens way to often. It's frustating. I just played a game where this happened thrice and I lost. 3 survivors were on the ground and 1 hooked. I picked someone up and it wouldn't let me hook : I was in front of the hook and tried pushing R1 fast and slowly and all it did is make the "R1 hook" text disappear and reappear while briefly starting the animation for hooking but not actually hooking anything. The survivor escaped from my grasp and I wasn't really happy about that...

  • You can try and find a different hook or you can spam spacebar. I usually spam spacebar but if that doesn't work for me, I find a different hook.

  • DrDreyk
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    The hook does not respond well if you are trying to hang a survivor when you come abruptly to the side of the hook. Then I step away from him, being in front of him. I go right up to him and then it turns out to hang the survivor without clicking on the hanging many times.

  • Flevami
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    I saw a lot of crossplay-killers having this problem when I played survivor. They said they mostly spam spacebar and it works.

    When I was the survivor, I also couldn't wiggle off while the killer was trying to hook me. It felt like bad ping. As if the game knew that you should be hooked already.

    Or maybe go to a different hook. That's what I did when this happened to me on PC

  • guzzie2027
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    I have had the same issue on switch. Happened multiple time in the same match. I also have noticed it has a delay when breaking pallets and kicking generators. With the pallets and kicking gens I have to wait Till the prompts on the screen change then I can preform the action. By the time this happens the survivors are long gone.

  • Same issue on Xbox. I try and it looks glitchy. The bar comes up on the bottom you can hear what sounds like it’s trying but nothing fills the bar and I see them still struggling. I drop them and try again and it works but that’s not going to work of the hook is far away.

  • chimpsahoy
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    I have been having this issue on switch like nearly every time i try to hook, along with pretty much every killer interaction being broken. I play killer with crossplay turned off so its not because pc players are cheating. The issue fixes if i drop then pick the survivor back up, but obviously this isn't a real fix as dropping a survivor gives them more wiggle progress and they can easily escape if you took a few extra seconds trying to hook them with this bug.

  • rabbit9
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    my issue with that is if your trying too hook someone and another player crouches under a hook. you cant attack them under the hook and it also gives no option to hook the one you have picked up

  • rabbit9
    rabbit9 Member Posts: 2

    also you cant pick up survivors off any tables

  • ble3kaudio
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    I have experienced this also. Seems to be a common bug atm.

  • mrbones
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    This is occurring for me every game as a killer on the ps4. Doesn't matter which killer I play or on what map will always be a time where I can't interact with hook and survivor escapes andI lose bloodpoints. Also happening with friends that play with me. Insanae that this hasn't been addressed in latest patch.

  • mrmiller17
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    pc player here, this has been happening to me too lately. very aggrivating. ill have people body block the hook, i hit them walk through and still cant hook. even after they leave.

  • RodrigoFlecha
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    The same problem happened to me, in the basement I couldn't get a Feng Min and put it on the hook, the command simply didn't work, it's horrible, because that way it's unfair for the murderer.