Gen/Hatch not updating. Major hatch glitch.

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My friend played a game and 3 other players just left during the camera spin in the beginning and the hatch didn't show up for him. Me and my 3 friends used a toolbox with a red part and we completed a gen about 25 seconds after the game started and it still said 5 gens were left. This happened 2 games in a row. Something to make this bug happen again would be to complete gens relatively quickly in the beginning of a match. 3 players leaving in the beginning of a game will not open the hatch for the last person. Also if this happens the game never actually ends. We found out that even though my friend did 5 gens and left through the main exit, the end game timer continued for the killer and the match continued even though the timer ended as well.

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Are you and your friends playing on PC? If so, could you add some logs if you manage to reproduce the issue again? Thank you.


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    Two of them were playing on PC. I will certainly try to get logs. Is this a known issue?