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Acronyms & Terms used in DbD

Mandy Administrator, Dev, Community Manager Posts: 22,307
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After seeing some posts about the terms we commonly use in game, I thought I'd create a thread with a list of the most common ones - any that need to be added, please comment below and I will add them to the list.


BBQ                                      Barbeque & Chilli, Teachable Leatherface perk

STBFL                                   Save the Best for Last – Teachable Myers Perk

PWYF                                   Play With Your Food – Teachable Myers Perk

DC                                         Disconnecting from the game/Ragequit – Unsportsmanlike Behaviour

AFK                                       Away From Keyboard, as a survivor in this scenario you will start to accumulate AFK Crows which circle your head and will notify the killer to your location

BL                                          Either Balanced Landing (teachable Nea Perk)or Bloodlust - should be obvious from the context.

BS                                          Brutal Strength :eyes: Teachable Trapper Perk

BNP                                      Brand New Part

IW                                         Iron Will – Teachable Jake Park Perk

IG                                          Iron Grasp

KYF                                        Kill Your Friends – it’s a gamemode

NOED                                   Hex No One Escapes Death - general killer Perk

OoO                                      Object of Obsession - Teachable Laurie Perk

SWF                                      Survive With Friends, groups of 2-4 survivors playing together

BT                                          Borrowed Time – William Overbeck Teachable Perk

DS                                          Decisive Strike – Teachable Lauri Perk

PGTW/Pop                         Pop Goes the Weasel – Teachable Clown Perk

DH                                          Dead Hard, Teachable David King Perk


Camping                             A situation where a killer remains near a hooked survivor

Tunneling                           The act of a killer chasing one survivor at the expense of other survivors, ignoring them even.

Kobe (4%)                          When a survivor frees themselves off a hook without another survivor unhooking them 

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    SCP_FOR_DBD Member Posts: 2,416

    DS is also for Death Slinger btw.

  • ill_Boston_lli
    ill_Boston_lli Member Posts: 899

    Dumb tech: Stun the killer with a pallet slide over to them sit inside them slide back over. Or you can keep running while your team mate pick the pallet back up with anymeans.

  • malatruse
    malatruse Member Posts: 781

    3 Gen - Refers to a situation where the last 3 generators are situated fairly close together, which is advantageous for the killer. Occasionally you will see the more rare 4 gen variant.

  • CraftyAlphaMan
    CraftyAlphaMan Member Posts: 5
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    Beamer - Term sometimes used for a flashlight. i.e "Beamer saved him"

  • Righi
    Righi Member Posts: 19

    What is NERF?

  • GarlicPops
    GarlicPops Member Posts: 23
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    Burger King Myers - A troll/challenge build for The Shape that consists in using the Vanity Mirror + Judith's Tombstone add ons to massively reduce your speed and turn you into a very slow killer with a short lunge. This is normally done as a challenge or as a troll build.

    Adept/Adepting - A term used to refer to a survivor or killer that are using their 3 unique perks in order to get the adept achievement.

    Bodyblocking - A strategy done by both killers and survivors that consists in using your character (body) to block your opponent's path. Survivors normally use it to prevent killers from hooking survivors and killers use it to block windows, pallets, exit gates and the hatch.

    Sandbagging - Intentionally trying to get your teammates killed or reveal their location to the killer. This is normally done by doing loud noise actions near a teammate to get the killer's attention or by bodyblocking them or dropping a pallet on their faces during a chase.

  • Stickbug
    Stickbug Member Posts: 4

    Boosted survivor/killer - when someone has a high rank but fails a lot/doesn't know how to do certain things/overall seems like an inexperienced player

    Dead on hook/death hook - describes a survivor who has been hooked twice/has reached the struggle phase and got rescued, and will be sacrificed if they get caught and hooked again.

    Teabagging - pressing the crouch button repeatedly as survivor (or as The Pig/Ghostface) to make it look like the character is dancing. Often done by toxic survivors after pallet stunning the killer or in the exit gate area. Considered BM.

    OP - overpowered, i.e. a perk build that almost always ensures at least one kill or two

    Clickie - either another term for flashlight, or for a survivor who tries to get the killer's attention by quickly shining their flashlight at the killer, creating both a visual and audible distraction

    Tombstone Myers - A Shape using the two add-ons "Fragrant Tuft of Hair" and "Judith's Tombstone". Those make it so that the Shape can grab and kill survivors when he is in Evil Within Tier 3, which, once reached, lasts until the end of the match thanks to the tuft of hair. Usually paired with the perks "Play With Your Food", "Hex: Ruin", "Dying Light" and "Brutal Strength"

    Impossible Skill Checks Doc - A Doctor using the add-ons "Calm - Carter's notes" and "Iridescent King" (or another Calm add-on) in combination with the perks "Hex: Huntress' Lullaby", "Unnerving Presence", "Overcharge" and "Distressing", as well as either the "Jigsaw Piece" or "Hawkins National Laboratory ID" offering. The whole point of this build is to have a terror radius that covers almost the whole map (so that Unnerving Presence can be used as efficiently as possible) and make skill checks extremely difficult.

    Basement Bubba - A Leatherface using the perks "Insidious", "Monstrous Shrine", "Agitation" and either "Iron Grasp" or "Territorial Imperative". A Basement Bubba wants to hook survivors in the basement and camp them to ensure the kill, using Insidious to suppress his terror radius while standing in the corner of the basement. Any survivor that tries to save the hooked person will then be downed using the chainsaw and receive the same annoying treatment until they die.

    DK Billy/Drift King Billy - A Hillbilly using the two boots add-ons, which make steering during a chainsaw sprint much easier. Perks used by DK Billy are "Trail of Torment", "Tinkerer", "Oppression" and "Surveillance".

    Jungle Gym - an area in outdoor maps where several walls stand in close proximity to each other, creating a looping area with windows and/or pallets

    Killer Shack - the little building that exists on every map (except for indoor maps like The Game, Léry's Memorial Institute, Hawkins National Laboratory and Midwich Elementary School). It always spawns with one normal door, one door with a pallet (which is always considered a "god pallet") and a window. The basement often spawns in the killer shack too, but not always.

    Yamaoka Gym - A special kind of jungle gym that is exclusive to the "Yamaoka Estate" and "Mount Ormond" maps. It's most prominent feature are the diagonal walls.

    Fun Bus - A loop unique to the "Autohaven Wreckers" maps. It's a bus, divided into two parts, one on the left and one on the right. It can spawn in different ways. One window is either connecting the two parts of the bus, or at the end of one part. A pallet either spawns in the middle of the other part or between the bus and a rock.

    House of Pain - a term used to describe Michael Myers' house on the "Haddonfield" map. It is a two-story building with window locations that depend on the spawn. A similar house can be found on the "Springwood" maps. Usually, there is a generator as well.

    Four-Lane - A type of jungle gym that consists of four parallel walls. between the first and second wall is a pallet and in the third wall there is a window.

    Tractor - A construction unique to the "Coldwind Farm" maps. It is some kind of farming machinery with a ramp that leads to an elevated area with two vaults, surrounded by haystacks. very good to get a better view of the map's layout and players' locations as well as to loop if done correctly

    The High Ground - Basically every elevated place: hills, tractors, balconies etc. Star Wars reference; the one who has the high ground usually has an opportunity over his opponent. Survivors, too, but especially long range killers like the Huntress can easily use the high ground to their advantage.

    The Konami Code - If you own the "Silent Hill"-DLC, select Pyramid Head (The Executioner) as your killer and return to the main menu. There, you type the following to receive the "Vic Viper" charm: W W S S A D A D right mouse button, left mouse button, enter (PC); up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, O, X, options (PS4); up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, START (Xbox)

    Buffing/nerfing - Used in game discussions to talk about changes. To buff means to make something stronger, to nerf means to make something weaker.


    +"In the 4.5.0 Mid-Chapter patch, the Clown got buffed, now he has another type of bottle to make him stronger"

    +"Mori's were really painful to go against, I'm glad they nerfed them so that survivors have to be dead on hook now to be moriable."

  • SamuraiDragon27
    SamuraiDragon27 Member Posts: 105

    we have all these abbreviations for perks but no one says Mna or ma. we just say Monitorandabuse as fast as humanly possible lol

  • Mandy
    Mandy Administrator, Dev, Community Manager Posts: 22,307

    I say MnA - I'm way too lazy to say something fast like that, I jumble my words up :)

  • Nugget09
    Nugget09 Member Posts: 15

    I tried it when reading this and something like "Monnerbuse" came out.

  • VioletCrimes
    VioletCrimes Member Posts: 878

    When something in a video game Is changed to the point that it’s almost completely ineffective, it’s considered nerfed. From my understanding, it comes from Nerf brand toys (guns etc that shoot foam darts and are totally harmless).

  • Ruma
    Ruma Member Posts: 2,069

    It doeant have to be ineffective, it just means its not as good as before, even if the difference is barely noticeable.

  • mrgrimes
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    COH: Circle of Healing, referring to Boon: Circle of Healing, a Teachable Perk of Mikaela Reid.

  • Tr1nity
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    FTP - For the People

    A teachable perk to that one person i dont remember

    Edit: It's for Zarina

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  • Bennett_They1Them
    Bennett_They1Them Member Posts: 2,513

    PH - Pyramid Head

    Ceno - Pinhead (this one, I made, but people seem to like it)

  • Vyne456
    Vyne456 Member Posts: 848

    Daddy Myers - A word that people like to use when they wanna get spared

  • Pizzasauce
    Pizzasauce Member Posts: 940

    What's meta?

  • Pizzasauce
    Pizzasauce Member Posts: 940

    Also, what's mmr?

  • Rizzo
    Rizzo Member, Administrator, Mod Posts: 17,324

    Meta is a generally agreed upon strategy by the community, usually the most optimal and efficient way to play.

    MMR is Match Making Rating, it's a value assigned to every player to determine their skill or their level of play.

  • Pizzasauce
    Pizzasauce Member Posts: 940

    Thank you. I know those were probably painfully obvious but they are mentioned so much and I wasn't even sure with context clues exactly what they stood for or meant.

  • Pizzasauce
    Pizzasauce Member Posts: 940

    What does pip mean?

  • Gay Myers (Luzi)
    Gay Myers (Luzi) Member Posts: 4,427

    A pip is something you can earn in the game that's dependant on the Emblem System, essentially, you can gain pips depending on your performance within the round/Emblem System. It helps you grade up in the current grading system (Your grade is determined by the amount of pips you earn during a ranking season). You can either gain, keep or lose pips (but you cannot lose a grade). Example:

  • Pizzasauce
    Pizzasauce Member Posts: 940

    So are pips what the little almost triangle shapes are called? I'm sorry I'm dumb, I just really want to understand everything.

  • Tr1nity
    Tr1nity Member Posts: 5,048

    Yes, pips are those triangles, after getting a certain amount of pips you rank up.

  • Pizzasauce
    Pizzasauce Member Posts: 940

    When referring to DBD, what in the world are bones?

  • Mandy
    Mandy Administrator, Dev, Community Manager Posts: 22,307
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    Bones are the totems.

    So "do da bones" for example, get the totems cleansed

  • Martine1979
    Martine1979 Member Posts: 53

    I was looking what some acronyms means in DbD because i am a new player. Thank you so much with all this info. :D

    (for example DH confused me at first because i played a DH in WoW.) aka Demon Hunter. lol.

  • Notionless
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  • Notionless
    Notionless Member Posts: 243

    Flickbilly/ curvebilly

    A hillbilly running onw or bothe of the engravings, increasing his soeed and allowing him to curve around pallets.

  • Funky_lPunk
    Funky_lPunk Member Posts: 47

    There is also a Skillbilly, that doesn't use m1 even on injured survivors sticking to chainsaw. And Milly, who uses melee where he can't get a chainsaw

  • Funky_lPunk
    Funky_lPunk Member Posts: 47

    Was surprised, that so far no one mentioned these

    UB - unbreakable (Bill teachable)

    AC auric cells

    Iri - iridescent, red rarity item, add-on or offering

    95 - reaching 95% of recovery rate while in dying state, where someone needs to heal you for last 5% to pick you up

    Touch a gen - quickly start repairing a regressing gen for a very brief moment to stop it from regressing

    Pop - pop goes the weasel (clown teachable)

    Agi - agitation (trapper teachable)

    Check for ruin - stop repairing a generator for about a second to see if it regresses in case killer has the perk hex: ruin

    Vault build - resilience and spine chill combined in a build to make vaulting speed 15% faster, commonly paired with iron will and dead hard

    W gamer - a survivor that instead of looping tiles just holds W key and makes constant distance

    In case someone is very new - gg wp(s) good game well played, s - to say it to everyone

  • ReikoMori
    ReikoMori Member Posts: 3,325
  • MadEyePopo
    MadEyePopo Member Posts: 138

    That's right. Nerf darts can still take out an eye in certain situations.

  • MadEyePopo
    MadEyePopo Member Posts: 138

    Now is the "Abuse" part the verb or the noun?

    For example:

    1. Monitor and Ab-yooz
    2. Monitor and Ab-yoos

    People want to know.

  • Deathslinger1of2
    Deathslinger1of2 Member Posts: 81

    “Vommy Mommy” 💀 might not have heard that before 😆

  • graceyypaceyy
    graceyypaceyy Member Posts: 3

    when devs make a perk/killer/surv weaker therefore not as good as it was

  • LapisInfernalis
    LapisInfernalis Member Posts: 4,051

    Dorito Head/Toblerone = Pyramid Head

    Thanos = Nemesis

    Neo = Wesker

  • Alphamav
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    Narrator: @Mandy did not add them to the list. *and left them in non-alphabetical order.

  • Nun_So_Vile
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    surv = shortened version of the word survivor

  • HypersKng
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    Term: Base-Kit/basekit

    Meaning: A character (Killer or Survivor) implemented with the (or some form of) effect that resembles the Funktion of an in-game perk.


    1. Basekit borrowed time, when unhooking a survivor the unhooked survivor gains endurance and haste just like the perk itself provides, only with a smaller timer!

    2. Borrowed Time wasn't always basekit!