SWITCH - Visual and Audio Issues in New Update

Visual Issue (pictures attached):

I started the game after downloading the update and installing it on my Switch Lite. I got in a party with my boyfriend, who plays on PS4, and loaded into a game at Crotus Penn Asylum. There was a fog all over the map that looked like badly pixelated triangles that was only showing on my screen. My bf was in the same room and the map looked normal on his screen, no fog. There was no offering to thicken the dark mist. I was playing as Zarina with Iron Will, Dead Hard, Borrowed Time, and Bond. I played some other matches after, all on MacMillan, and did not experience any fog. I have attached two pictures that show the difference of how it appeared for me vs how it appeared for my bf. In the first picture of my Switch, you can see the fog as I am downed. The second picture is from seconds later on my bf's PS4 screen as he came to heal me.

Audio Issue:

This occurred in all of the matches I played in after updating the game. This happened in solo queue and when playing in a duo party with my boyfriend. It was most notable when playing against the Doctor (both matches on MacMillan). When another survivor was shocked by his power, the scream was so loud as if they were next to me, even though they were across the map. Other survivors' screams when hooked were also very loud and sounded incredibly close to me, no matter how far they were. This issue persisted in the other match I played at Crotus Penn Asylum, which was against Deathslinger. While there were no extra screams due to his power, all hooked survivor screams were very loud as if my character were screaming or they were next to me (which they weren't). I again was playing as Zarina with the perks Iron Will, Dead Hard, Borrowed Time, and Bond.

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I'll go ahead and close this as it's been acknowledged this was fixed in today's bugfix patch 4.3.2


  • GhoastKween
    GhoastKween Member Posts: 11

    lol same thing happened on my switch as well i went up against an oni and i could hear him getting stunned across the map sounded like he was breathing down my neck then when he went into fury god my ears were bleeding then when he smacks into stuff oh god lol rip

  • domriver
    domriver Member Posts: 139

    For me as well. Fog just look like triangles hovering all around the ground. Very hard to see. The sound effects are off as well. The sound it makes - seems like its happening right next to you. OP voted up.

  • ghoultearz
    ghoultearz Member Posts: 4

    There’s always a new gamebreaking bug on switch when there’s an update and I’m tired of it. And this one just happens to appear right before the new event I’m very upset.

  • MeltingPenguins
    MeltingPenguins Member Posts: 3,743
    edited October 2020

    The sound balance in overall and on all platforms is all over the place since the patch.

    A lot of killer sounds are cut short as well (deathslinger's chuckle as well as his aim (on both sides), huntress' wind up yell etc).

    The ambient sound is off as well, and there's now crows that make the AFK sound in such regularity and volume that it's a pain.

    And then there's the broken load-in animations on many killers.

  • domriver
    domriver Member Posts: 139

    Yup this is exactly how it is for me as a switch player. Can't see nothing. Game is unplayable this way. This is every map not just 1.

  • Breque
    Breque Member Posts: 427

    i know that this isnt the topic but

    Why the ######### do you have an switch lite and an switch

  • hideyokids
    hideyokids Member Posts: 1

    Same issue here!

  • Faeriefairy
    Faeriefairy Member Posts: 12

    I have the same problems on the switch. The screams are extremely loud and you can't lower the volume because the music and heartbeat gets lower too. Also the fog. Some maps are fine, but some have these pyramids and you can't see anything (especially traps) because it's really bright.

    My friends on PC and Playstation don't have these problems.

  • dready216
    dready216 Member Posts: 6
    edited October 2020

    Are Developers actually doing anything to try to fix the major switch issues since update or our they more worried over the PS4 issue. Barely playable on the switch , I know its the smallest of the platforms but we do also put money into your game, we should get same attention as the other platforms, and soon fix . And your support give a generic response , are we going to have to wait a month or two till next update to get a fix

  • sierrapop
    sierrapop Member Posts: 2

    yea it's definitely a problem. i had my switch full volume so i can hear and i also was playing against a doctor and the scream was so loud i jumped baha. An the pixel blotchy fog is happening also with this new update sadly

  • Danyonetta
    Danyonetta Member Posts: 98

    This so needs fixing its a major issue for switch players especially since most people will play with crossplay and it definitely gives the other non-switch uses an unfair advantage since their fog is nowhere near as jarring or hard to see through.

    And as for the audio issues, the screams are so loud and the skill check noises are so quiet its really annoying having to juggle the sound.

    I really hope the devs fix this major issues as soon as possible!

  • Mr_J_Switch
    Mr_J_Switch Member Posts: 1

    This fog and audio bug from this past update has really made the game unplayable. I'm relatively new to this game and I don't know how often they fix major issues like this but I hope it's really soon. I can't play with friends because I can't see anything and if we're in discord or I'm on a call, the screaming from far away hooked players is way too loud on my end.

  • feralheart
    feralheart Member Posts: 3

    I only have a Switch but one of my friend has both of them and he said that the Lite is more portable and he can easily play with it on the public transport.

  • Lector85
    Lector85 Member Posts: 1

    Have the same issue with the fog on the Nintendo Switch.

    Priority to fix, was kinda unplayable

  • vivivi
    vivivi Member Posts: 2
    edited October 2020

    I am begging them to fix this. It's practically unplayable right now because you can't see anything through the fog.

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  • jbomba53
    jbomba53 Member Posts: 4

    Has anyone received any word on this bug? I upvoted and reported it via the support channel but so far have not received any feedback.

  • Maeylee
    Maeylee Member Posts: 6

    Me neither and if I have seen it correctly, it is still not fixed in the 4.3.1 bugfix patch?

  • CaptainOatsTV
    CaptainOatsTV Member Posts: 21

    You would think this would of been priority, the game is currently 40% on the switch. I've held buying it cause of this issue along others.

  • Maeylee
    Maeylee Member Posts: 6

    This is so bad for new players :(

  • Luna_P
    Luna_P Member Posts: 8

    Same for me on my switch, the fog and screams are messed up. Hopefully the patch will fix this.

  • vivivi
    vivivi Member Posts: 2

    After some playing it seems Yamaoka and MacMillan are the only maps without this problem. Clearly if two maps are fine it's fixable so why is this game-breaking bug still not gone.

  • Danyonetta
    Danyonetta Member Posts: 98

    The fog is also not broken on Springwood. So clearly it must have something to do with the graphic updated maps. But even so, with the newest patch (4.3.1) still not fixing this what seems to be relatively simple issue, its very very frustrating and reflects badly on DBD / Behaviour.

    [This issue is *still* not fixed in 4.3.1 patch]

  • Danyonetta
    Danyonetta Member Posts: 98

    Thought I'd add some more images to show how bad this fog bug is, especially on swamp for whatever reason.

  • BennyD
    BennyD Member Posts: 12

    I'm having the same problem on my Switch, and right before one of the biggest events of the year. Disappointing...

  • skyguys
    skyguys Member Posts: 67

    I haven't seen any indication of BHVR acknowledging this bug, which is scary for us...

  • Nakyo
    Nakyo Member Posts: 1
  • soy_yogart
    soy_yogart Member Posts: 4

    I submitted a support ticket and got this in response..... so evidently they know about it and are "working" on a fix. However their radio silence in any public forum confirms that they simply do not care and it is not a priority for them. As much as I love being able to play on Switch, they really shouldn't even offer the game on Switch if they clearly don't care about their Switch players and can't be bothered to keep the game playable.

  • ghoultearz
    ghoultearz Member Posts: 4

    the fact that it’s almost been 2 weeks since these bugs appeared and they still haven’t been fixed is very frustrating

  • skyguys
    skyguys Member Posts: 67

    worst part about it all is that this game was 40% off on the eshop. The new players that bought the game as their Halloween horror game might have been scared off because of this stupid bug

  • domriver
    domriver Member Posts: 139
    edited November 2020

    This should be resolved - according to the NEW BUG PATCH FIX. Can someone please confirm this? I didn't see the SOUND issue addressed in the patch. Anyone care to confirm please?

  • gabby
    gabby Member Posts: 3
    edited November 2020

    Everyone go download the update. I just played on Coldwind visually and audio-wise it was fine! Thanks BHVR!

    (For future reference, BHVR, it would be nice if you guys would’ve said that you were working on it in a stream like you did for PS4 or on the forum).

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  • skyguys
    skyguys Member Posts: 67

    yeah they fixed it along with the sounds. The video here shows that we can finally see again. And in this same match, the sounds of survivors screaming are no longer in my ear

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