Objective Archive challenge bugged

Coolroo Member Posts: 2

After getting 8k BP's in the objective category I got 404'd lol

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  • Nefastis
    Nefastis Member Posts: 3
    edited October 2020

    Same issue. I'm getting 433 every time as a killer in the challenge "Deadly deceit" (15 games in a row)

  • pete055055
    pete055055 Member Posts: 3

    I found the same bug for the tome 5

    This time is for the dissimulation

  • Mcbuddy826
    Mcbuddy826 Member Posts: 23

    Same here with the deviousness one deadly deceit

    Played with many different killers too see if that fixed it didn't help even played no perks did not help

  • CleverRuse
    CleverRuse Member Posts: 1

    Been stuck on 19,989 BP toward the challenge for two completed games now (one on Yamaoka Residence, the other in Torment Creek), despite getting thousands in Objective at the end of both. Took me about 9 games to get to that total despite doing pretty well in most of them.

    Feel pretty annoyed having wasted so much time on this.

  • Kittylele
    Kittylele Member Posts: 4

    i have had this glitch twice now in regards tyo doing a mission that requires me to get bloodpoints but then it doesn't count on my progression post game.. and it is kind of triggering me and demotivating me to play because i ahve to play so much more :)

  • cmboyce
    cmboyce Member Posts: 2

    Exact same problem here.

  • cmboyce
    cmboyce Member Posts: 2

    Don't max out at 8k and you'll get full bloodpoints towards this achievement.

  • HerzogRene
    HerzogRene Member Posts: 30

    I cant get any more progress in the bloodpoint quest deadly deceit. I did pause this quest once to change it to a survivor quest and after that I changed back to deadly deceit but the i wont get any more progress.

  • theweirdo61
    theweirdo61 Member Posts: 12

    Up vote, both 20k challenges are bugged. I read playing Bubba sort of fixes it for the killer, which I found worked for me, don't know if it's cuz of Bubba or just chance.

    Played the Objectives one, not running any perks to grant speed or extra bloodpoints, I have used an offering for objective, I got the points in that particular match, I believe.

    I did solo some gens, not all - didn't get the points

  • NoctisSicarius
    NoctisSicarius Member Posts: 1

    Same with the deviousness challenge for me. I only get points in the hundreds when I'm earning in the thousands.

  • CrazyChicken_DK
    CrazyChicken_DK Member Posts: 48

    This is after 3 matches

  • Nullify1
    Nullify1 Member Posts: 5
    edited October 2020

    I experienced this issue this morning (10/27/20) on PS4 with the Survivor "Productive Day" Challenge. For first two matches, got 8k BP in each match toward the challenge, and then next three matches straight, got no more than exactly 16 BP (each match) towards the challenge. Happens regardless of whether I am using Prove Thyself. Was Dwight for all the matches.

  • shalo
    shalo Member Posts: 1,459

    First game was fine, second game with exactly the same loadout, fail.

  • maaadinsomniac
    maaadinsomniac Member Posts: 440

    I don't know about Bubba but Legion works fine 100% I can confirm that.

    But as Survivor sadly I can't help, I don't have any issue with this challenge. I'm running Prove Thyself for sure with offering and repairing Blighted Generators w/ friend, maybe you need to repair the Event one gen.