Dead by Daylight crash on Xbox Series X

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Platform: Xbox Series X

Description: Upon loading up the game and trying to enter any lobbies the game has an extremely high chance of crashing. Once in a match the game works fine, it's only the menus and lobbies causing the crash. The game will start to load into a lobby as normal but will often freeze and eventually it will force quit the game. Upon trying to start the game after a crash, a lot of the time the game will load the splash screen then force quit again. After that happens, if you try to relaunch the game it'll launch normally.

Steps to reproduce: Launch the game until you reach the menus, then click on Play as Survivor or Play as Killer. There is a high chance it will crash, although there is a chance it will load normally.

How often does this occur: Upon testing, this issue occurred 5 out of the 5 times I've tested it.

Attached is a video of the issue occurring, after initially getting into the game it crashed shortly after trying to load into a lobby full of people. However, this happens even getting onto the main lobby on your own before searching for any games. Actual crash happens at 0:51 in the video.

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  • Dplayer360
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    Same exact thing is happening to me, quite frustrating... Hopefully a hot fix is done asap.

  • Sixx08
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    Happens to me on Xbox series S as well, happens when I click an action and it starts to load it loading blood web or going into survivor match or loud out etc if its idle its fine its when it is asked to do a task it freezes and crashes..

  • Redfortunex
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    I am having the same problem on my Xbox series X as well. I was able to get one match. I get to the lobby and crash/freeze. Hopefully, something gets done, the one match I was able to play looked amazing great upgrade now fix this please.

  • stumbleduck06
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    Same on two Xbox Series X... Have had crashes/freeze when loading survivor menu, when joining a friend's lobby, when joining a match... Have been unable to play at all...

    Thanks OP for great write up on issue!

  • DaBigBadWolf83
    DaBigBadWolf83 Member Posts: 1

    Having the same issues. As soon as a match loads in, I freeze, game crashes and I'm back at the dashboard. PLEASE FIX!!

  • H4Z3RD2
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    I thought I was the only one going through this DBD needs to fix this issue

  • thesuicidefox
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    I just my Xbox Series X today.

    I wanted to just walk around in custom game but when I click the menu option the game freezes.

  • mrteekat2u
    mrteekat2u Member Posts: 9

    Yes I'm also having same issue with my xbox series X.

  • tednie
    tednie Member Posts: 2

    This is so embarrassing how is this still an issue? 😭

  • DarkRicochet117
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    Yup, same here. I've deleted and re-installed multiple times to no avail.

  • DarthBane
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  • Reconn3cted
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    On Xbox Series X....Having same issue. After selecting survivor from main menu the game freezes.

  • Thane_Valkarian
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    Evidence supplied. Further explanation provided on the other thread for this topic.

  • tonyischill
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    Lol I love how there are so many new forum posters (including me) who all made accounts over the past 1-2 days just to comment on these threads in hopes of reaching out to the developers

  • thesuicidefox
    thesuicidefox Member Posts: 8,223

    After more testing I can only load the killer menu. Opening the survivor menu freezes the game.

  • DarthBane
    DarthBane Member Posts: 13

    Loading into survivor menu, killer menu, custom game it freezing and home screening me on the xbox series x. Some reason I can play tutorial just fine everything else the game is unplayable.

  • grasslands
    grasslands Member Posts: 8

    Any update on when a fix is coming?

  • Szynkacz
    Szynkacz Member Posts: 13

    No update, no ETA, big, fat nothing.

  • Cokitus
    Cokitus Member Posts: 4

    It's a shame how they left us with no information, no updates. And a lot of people like me, losing progress on the rift pass. I like DbD a lot, but after this i must think if they deserve my time and money.

  • jjb985
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    Same thing clicked survivor match crashed, clicked killer it let me in until I ready up then crash. Series X

  • DarthBane
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  • tonyischill
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    Guys, there's a new hot fix patch that just went live a few minutes ago. Restart your xbox and download it. I can confirm the game works fine now on xbox series x

  • QueenEva88
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    Hello, I found out how the New Xbox Series X/S can play the game please hit me up on my Instagram page so I can call you and tell you step by step it’s to much to type. IG is gamer_queeneva88. I will be glad to help cause I know you want to play just like I did.

  • Szynkacz
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    Like thers a hot fix no need to work around.

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