is it me or did pallets triple ?

traviszenryo Member Posts: 53
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I've been playing a lot of survivor and killer here lately doing challenges and I swear the amount of resources survivors have have greatly increased, I was running from a killer and came across 3 pallets literally two feet from each other, led this killer around the entire map gens flying and had to have smacked him about 20 times its actually stupid how much hand holding the game does for survivors lol then as killer i basically have to hope survivors just don't work on gens while I'm chasing a survivor into all 30 plus loops on the map with pallets at most of them. with how fast gens get done (I've literally lost 3 in 30 seconds before with the survivors having no items or perks for gens) its ridiculous to have this many resources. survivors have full control of this game if you know how to play even remotely well and it really shouldn't be the case for the 4 man team. I have gotten to where I mostly play survivor now just because its far far easier lol i just stock pile items all day , i dont even run meta perks I only use urban evasion, self care, spine chill, and either autodidact or botany but really the 4th perk can be substituted for any survivor perk.