[PC] The Emblem System and Pips are broken

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  1. All the Emblems are at another place.
  2. I got golden Unbroken, when I died.
  3. I depipped at a black pip.

Just play a match and black pip. I don't know what happens if I pip or if it's the same while playing killer. I'll inform you.

Edit: It seems to be completely chaotic. Unbroken was always either gold or black.

Edit after [4.5.2]: For all of you who still experience this, please add to your screenshot if you died or not, since there could be a difference. If you are on PC please remember to add you logs as well! There is a guide how to do it here in the Bugs section. Thanks!

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  • LapisInfernalis
    LapisInfernalis Member Posts: 3,729

    I got one of these pallet drops too.

    Nurse prepares blink, I trop the pallet and after the pallet is down the Nurs appears and hits me over the pallet with spaghetti arms.

    I had 35ms ping btw.

  • Lycidas
    Lycidas Member Posts: 1,170

    Can confirm, happened the same thing while playing killer, I killed everyone (with more than 9 hook actions) but the Devout emblem was silver

  • maaadinsomniac
    maaadinsomniac Member Posts: 440

    Match Error, cancelled - same issue -1 pip, gg i guess

  • LapisInfernalis
    LapisInfernalis Member Posts: 3,729

    Could it be that we see other people's Emblems or get their pips?

  • I find that unlikely if we look at Mr. Bubba above us. Looking at those scores, I find it highly unlikely any of those survivors 2 pipped. I think the emblem system is just borked entirely.

  • TheMadCat
    TheMadCat Member Posts: 2,203

    I think the ranking system is shifted, like you got -1 instead of 0, 0 instead of +1, and probably +1 instead of +2.

  • Carameliciousx
    Carameliciousx Member Posts: 8

    Same issue here, but other way around. Got facecamped hook 1, died on that hooked but safetypipped, although I definitely should've depipped. It's fully messed up.

  • LapisInfernalis
    LapisInfernalis Member Posts: 3,729

    I only saw black and gold on this one.

    Well, I depip as Tombstone Myers at least as I should.

  • zar_nea
    zar_nea Member Posts: 2

    I'm on ps4 and steam, my ps4 account has been fking that but my steam is fine, i dont know if its random or rank wise because my ps4 is red rank and my steam is purple

  • Star99er
    Star99er Member Posts: 1,365
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    Having the same issues on Xbox, not getting any points on the Unbroken Emblem.

  • CGRocky
    CGRocky Member Posts: 3

    same on PC.


  • mdoa212
    mdoa212 Member Posts: 29

    I’ve also experienced this and I’m on a pc as well. I wonder if it’s pc specific?

  • Carameliciousx
    Carameliciousx Member Posts: 8

    It isn't, PS and Switch both have the same issues as PC

  • elynian
    elynian Member Posts: 3

    this is so annoying, trying to get to rank 1 and deranked back to 4 even though i black pipped

  • LenaicU
    LenaicU Member Posts: 1

    I'm on Switch and have the same issue with Unbroken

  • Huzzag
    Huzzag Member Posts: 12
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    Same issue as the others regarding Unbroken. I've lost pips twice due to not getting any emblem despite being the last survivor alive in both games.

  • Abreaction
    Abreaction Member Posts: 5

    both games were more than 9 mins long, in both games I died.

    Every single game I die in, I get no Unbroken points at all. Rank 3 goodbye

  • maxkang
    maxkang Member Posts: 4
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    Same issue

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  • slayer925
    slayer925 Member Posts: 26

    Same 2 games in a row

  • ColdKill3r
    ColdKill3r Member Posts: 9

    I have had the same issue. It happened multiple times. And there were lots of instances where I survived for quite a bit during the trial, and yet, didn't get any points for doing so.

  • InsaneCoaster
    InsaneCoaster Member Posts: 300

    Depipped from rank 1 and yet black pipped according to my Rank Progress and yet pipped according to the UI.

  • Gingerninja77
    Gingerninja77 Member Posts: 6

    Same issue here on xbox. I was the last person to die with 4 gens done and yet I didn't get an emblem so i depipped

  • Mystaria13
    Mystaria13 Member Posts: 494

    Yesterday i lost like 8 pips because of this bug then today I’ve pipped twice and it hasn’t added my pips back on my rank but it sure love taking them away. y’all need to fix your game cuz no one wanted these changes and then we gotta derank on top of these ugly animations and scattered hud? And when we do pip we don’t get those put back on our rank but it’s gonna take pips away when we restart app for no reason? i had to dc yesterday because of a hacker and i lost 3 pips and got a 30 minute penalty when i haven’t dced in over 24 hours. Fix your game or I’m done after almost 5 years of playing but your taking away everything i stay for so i bet you’ll lose a lot of players anyway.

  • katzifilth
    katzifilth Member Posts: 12

    I have had the same problems. The Unbroken Emblem is either black or gold, nothing in between or over as far as I have seen. Also, when the game clearly shows I should have gotten at least a safety pip, it still says -1 and de-pips (screenshots below, you see the pip actually does get removed).

  • TheMadCat
    TheMadCat Member Posts: 2,203
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    I hope it'll be fixed very soon. I was rank 4 before the update and as I always got a missed emblem (which is often the Unbroken one), I depip each time, even when I do a good match...

    Edition: I add a new screenshot, but seeing "Acknowledged" is great! Thank you, I hope to see a fix soon. :)

    So, here, I got a +1, it's written 0, and as you can see at the top, I got a -1. It's confusing!

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  • LapisInfernalis
    LapisInfernalis Member Posts: 3,729

    I was rank 2 and now I'm almost rank 5 again.

    I will most likely play killer now till rank reset.

  • Kaitsja
    Kaitsja Member Posts: 1,614

    This is also happening on PS4.

  • jonezjulia
    jonezjulia Member Posts: 3

    Y’all this is their way of putting us all slowly back to rank 20 🙄

  • treffnix
    treffnix Member Posts: 5
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    PC/STEAM/PS4 TOO!!!!


    I GOT IT TODAY 8 TIMES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • LapisInfernalis
    LapisInfernalis Member Posts: 3,729
  • maaadinsomniac
    maaadinsomniac Member Posts: 440

    Custom games are like free derank lobby, I was R1, testing smth with friends and now I'm R3 2pips Online.

  • Gingerninja77
    Gingerninja77 Member Posts: 6

    This is also happening on xbox! The unbroken emblem is ironically broken. I either escape and get the emblem or die when the gens are finished or I'm the last one but get nothing.

  • StigWH68
    StigWH68 Member Posts: 22

    Why is it that every time there is an update, it keeps ######### up the game !!!!

    I had several games tonight where i got double pip and i got a black pip instead ???

    FIX IT NOW !!!!!! FFS

  • madradfox
    madradfox Member Posts: 190

    This is not in any way related to custom games. I am a solo-survivor, who in over 2000 hours has never played a single custom game, and currently my rank has been in free-fall because of this.

    It seemingly doesn't matter what I do as far as the currently broken Unbroken emblem: if I happen to die inside of the trial it blanks out regardless of how long I lasted for. Today, I also encountered two others bugs: the wrong Unbroken even when I escaped, as well as receiving the gold emblem when I in fact died on a hook. However, in the end it did not matter one bit what color emblem I received because even though I got past black pip I still depiped.

  • Dripdaddy
    Dripdaddy Member Posts: 2

    I really hope they fix this issue soon. almost impossible to pip up at red ranks now

  • maaadinsomniac
    maaadinsomniac Member Posts: 440

    I mean it's broken in Custom games, same as Online, but one more bug is, when you lose your rank progress at Custom game it'll be used to Online games.

    And for me, it was easier to keep my R1 Online, I can't depip somehow.

  • bm33
    bm33 Member Posts: 8,063

    Also broken on ps4. Was left to die on first hook in one match and then tunneled the next match. While it says +2 on both I did actually lose a pip each time.

  • madradfox
    madradfox Member Posts: 190

    Got ya! I also wonder if this has any effect on killers and their match points.

    Aside from putting in 2000 hours into DBD in 2020, I am not much of a gamer. In fact, there are only 3 different tiles I have played in the last 3-4 months. Unfortunately, and in the last 24 hours, I have encountered some type of catastrophic issue with each one of them:

    1. World War Z does not seem to be able to properly display textures in online matches for me, as well as final maps of all episodes not starting me,
    2. Stadia seemingly screwed me out of Hitman 2, which happened to be one of the free pro games in January I was 100% sure I already claimed, but which has seemingly disappeared from my library; a fact I only found out about after finishing Hitman 1 earlier yesterday, and getting presented with the Buy Now for $59.99 dialog when trying to move on to Hitman 2 campaign.
    3. And now the multiple bugs related to the 4.5.0 update in DBD

    All that remains is minesweeper.....

  • Sebileo
    Sebileo Member Posts: 1

    I lost a pip today even if i got a black one. And also I lost a pip because a survivor left the loby while loading. My addons where gone too ...

  • ShimmerBiscuits
    ShimmerBiscuits Member Posts: 23

    The same thing is happening to me. I have deranked 2 levels today. If I black pip it takes away a pip if I pip up it just says 0 pips gained.