• KrosseKrabbePizza
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    I just wanted to open a thread about this. The Hitboxes were hilarious before, but now you don´t even have to try to get away, the killer can hit you like 5 meters away. I guess after they closed the test servers, all of them went into holidays for 5 weeks. I don´t know how they get paid for this mess.

    For the devs: If you want the baby killers to get more kills, simply just let every survivor die automatically at the beginning of the round, otherwise this is just a waste of time.

  • maaadinsomniac
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    Feels like we need more Killers main, hitboxes are now ridiculous

  • vegansemen
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    Yes it has been happening all morning. IMO this is game breaking, and so many killers are already abusing this! This needs to be addressed.

  • Gman3
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    Although I am a killer main, I do agree that hit boxes are bad and need to be adjusted so it actually looks like it hits the Survivor but I do disagree in the fact the killers are abusing this as on the killer side it looks perfectly fine and most of the time can only be seen on the Survivor side as it's pretty hard to abuse something that you have no idea is happening. You're focusing on the Killer, you should be blaming the developers who allow the hits to actually connect.

  • WoweePaw
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    Oh my god I thought I lag or something but this ######### is real? C'mon! Fix this. -.-

  • bm33
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    Hit boxes definitely feel off this patch, it doesn't even look like killer's weapon is connecting with my character with how far back they are.

  • marchi
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    Thank you! I just came back from a short hiatus and something was bothering me while playing as a survivor. I'm not the type to cry over hitboxes but I just KNEW something was off with this update. Just saw people complaining on twitter about it as well.

    Oh btw, I agree with Gman3. I played as a killer and everything was just fine from its POV. I don't think there's anyone abusing this, seems more like a bug with the new animations.

  • Metzu
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    Yep, can confirm. Every game is filled with outrageous hits, especially through windows.

  • odra
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    lol bubba start chainsaw and hit me after that can't even juke him anymore, okay will off again previously there was massive cheater

  • crims0nrider
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    Thanks for your comments, I thought I can only see this outrageous hitbox! upvote please. 😅

  • Normalbloom4158
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    I wouldn't say killers are abusing it but playing against Billy/Bubba/Huntress is super frustrating right now cause spins and dodges that normally work have a fat zero chance and when Bill misses a curve it still connect like a mile away. I'd like this fixed even more than the flipping broken unbroken emblems.

  • airii
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    edited February 2021

    One of the best things were when I was faraway from the killer even had Sprint Burst (as thats now pretty useful with this sht) and during that haste (and seriously faraway from the beginning) I still got hit. Also multiple time got hit across objects like walls and rocks and even when behind the killer. The hitboxes are ridiculous and it seems they still didnt acknowledge it. :( Also I noticed that PS players were okay as killer didnt hit them across the whole map but missed their attacks a lot (was carried while PS survivor was trying to save me, killer missed every hit even from small distance as he should - got greedy because of the bugs maybe as on PC players they hit like crazy)

    I completely agree with that. This should be #1 priority right now.

  • ifeelthelags
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    David Kings tough is even useless for me the most time now